Association Peak

elevation: 2,362 m.
height gain: 110 m. (from the Association-End Col)
area: Ghost River,AB
map 82 O/3

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
returning from end mountain

Returning from End Mountain.
Scramble: RT 16.0 (includes End Mountain); 20 minutes up from the col. After ascending End Mountain, which was our primary objective, we backtracked to the Association-End Col and set our eyes on the short jaunt up Association Peak. It made sense to me to add this second peak while we were here given that the approach is so long. The weather was excellent, there was no reason to pass that one up! We hiked towards Association without much effort. From the col, the summit is only 20 minutes away and you'd have to step on your shoe laces to trip on this ascent... Once at the top, we took another longuish break before considering our long return. After eating a fair amount of food and enjoying the view, we started descending. The way back was indeed long but we managed OK compared to what I had envisioned; but don't get me wrong, seeing the car was a welcome sight!!!

neat rock formation

Neat rock formation near the Association-End Col.

easy hike

Short, easy hike to the top.

looking north

Looking north towards End Mountain and Orient Point in the far background.

top of association

Top of Association Peak.

view towards the prairies

View towards the Prairies.

yamnuska looks very far

Flatland meeting the mountains; Yamnuska looks really far...

celebrating a 2-summit day

Celebrating a two-summit day!

heading back

Time to head back.

descending the north bowl

Descending the north bowl.

association hill in front of us

Sidehilling with a good view of Association Hill in front of us.

backtracking to the pass

Backtracking to Association Pass.

on the horse trail

Back on the horse trail.

old fort creek

Hiking along Old Fort Creek to rejoin with the approach trail.

yamnuska trail

On the main Yamnuska trail.
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