Armor Peak GR:683940

elevation: 2,820 m. height gain: 1,330 m.
area: Banff/Bow Valley,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
view from the pull off

View from the pull-off that is situated 1 kilometer south of Baker Creek Chalets, on the west side of highway 1A.
Scramble: RT 10.5; 5.25 up. We thought Protection Mountain was the name designated to the long ridge north of Castle Mountain. After reading Bob's trip report and researching Armor Peak on Bivouac, we learned that the name Protection Mountain was newly allocated to the highpoint of the ridge also known as Television Peak. Armor and Bulwark Peaks are at the north end of the ridge; Armor is the taller one but Bulwark is by far more impressive... and imposing. We got a good start along the trail. As we climbed higher, we were surprised by the absence of snow. We encountered snow less than half an hour away from the mine site. We gave up following the trail and went up a boulder field to treeline. From there, we had the ascent gully in close proximity; the pace accelerated, we were looking forward to this snow gully and it looked fine. We put on the crampons and enjoyed a fast ascent on firm snow, all the way to the ridge crest! The ridge walk is very pleasant and the scenery is among some of the best. Pulsatilla Basin was still snowbound; we recalled our trek on the karst pavement of the vast basin last summer. The weather cooperated giving us the opportunity to take our time. Once at the summit, we took numerous pictures (Fab has a new camera) and had lunch. Returning was carefree, the best part was the glissade down the gully. I love coming down the mountain sliding on my bum; I laughed uncontrollably, like a kid!
ghetto bridge

One of the ghetto bridges across the marshes.

avalanche debris

Nearing treeline we encounter old avalanche debris.

nearing treeline

Too much snow to follow the trail, we went straight up a dry boulder field.

snow gully

We planned to ascend the snow gully in the center.

looking back

Looking back on the mine site.

snow slope

We put our crampons on for this firm snow slope.

fast and direct

Very fast and direct!

looking down

Looking down the steep snow slope.

gully breaching the rockband

The snow gully easily breaches the rockband.

cresting on the ridge

Cresting on Protection Mountain's ridge.

television peak

Television Peak, the highpoint of the 7 kilometer long ridge, is now officially named Protection Mountain.

pulsatilla mountain

Pulsatilla Mountain.

armor peak

Heading to Armor Peak, the northern highpoint of the ridge.

nice ridge walk

The ridge walk is quite pleasant.

some easy scrambling

Some easy scrambling for the fun of it!

looking back

Looking back down the summit block.

summit dance

Summit dance.

cairn maintenance

A bit of maintenance.

bulwark peak

The northernmost summit of Protection Mountain's ridge, imposing Bulwark Peak.

karst basin

The amazing karst basin is a must see when snow free.

mount ball and stanley peak

Mount Ball and Stanley Peak under ominous clouds.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

returning casually

Enjoying the scenery while returning casually.


Backtracking on the softened snow.

good glissading

The gully offers some good glissading!

old mine site

Back to the old mine site.

back at the highway

The highway is just ahead.
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