Argentine Peak (Naylor Lake Loop)

elevation: 4,187 m.  height gain: 235 m. (from the Square Top-Argentine Col)
area: Guanella Pass,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Evans, CO
39105E6 & Montezuma, CO 39105E7

argentine peak

Heading to my next objective, Argentine Peak.
Snowshoe trip. RT 10.75 (includes Square Top Mountain and Mount Wilcox); 1.5 up from Square Top. After ascending Square Top Mountain and doubting whether I should go along with my planned traverse because of fatigue, I figured I had the whole day to pick at it. I made my way down Square Top with ease; from the col, the pitch to Argentine's false summit didn't seem as steep anymore. I put my snowshoes back on and started climbing the ridge line, connecting bare ground along the way. Following a good grunt, I reached the cornice at the top which was easily negotiated. From the false summit, the power line's towers came into view and so did the true summit. I hiked to Argentine Pass, the highest named vehicle-accessible pass in the State; I was now trekking on the Continental Divide with Grays and Torreys Peaks stealing the show along the way. At the pass, I came across some wooden structures and a small shack. The following bit to the summit was pleasantly merciful and I gained the top without expending too much energy. I dropped my pack and called Tim, my emergency contact, to let him know my location. I grabbed a bite while admiring Grays, Torreys and all the other magnificent mountains around. Today was a glorious day to be out in the alpine, there was no wind at all. Once replenished, I carefully backtracked and located the safe line of wind-scoured ridge I had spotted from Square Top Mountain. I descended to the Argentine-Wilcox Col passing by more impressive electrical towers, Mount Wilcox would be my third and final objective of the day.

naylor lake

Naylor Lake below.

easy descent

The descent is straightforward and the weather is stable.

mount wilcox

Murray Lake and Mount Wilcox.

view west

View west over Santa Fe Peak and Revenue Mountain, located on the Continental Divide; Breckenridge's ski area is in the background.

connecting col

The col.

view east

View east with Mounts Evans and Bierstadt.

short ascent

Start of the short ascent to Argentine Peak.

square top mountain

Square Top Mountain is appropriately named.

mount wilcox

Mount Wilcox.

false summit ahead

Nearing the false summit.

looking back again

Looking back at Square Top Mountain again.

nearing the true summit

The true summit is not far away.

wooden structure

Wooden structure.

small shack

A small shack at Argentine Pass.

at the top

On the summit of Argentine Peak with Grays and Torreys Peaks in the background.

southern view

Southern view.

backtracking to wilcox

Backtracking to pick up Mount Wilcox's connecting ridge.

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