Arethusa, Mount

elevation: 2,912 m.
height gain: 750 m.
area: Highwood Pass,AB
map 82 J/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
short approach

Short pleasant approach in open forest.
Scramble. I don't remember exactly how long it took us to climb this mountain but I know it was a short scramble. There was no fussing on the approach as we followed a trail. Additionally, the combination of short distance and minimal height gain makes this objective a perfect candidate for days when time or energy is lacking. In my opinion, route finding is straightforward; I don't recall having to stop to look for the way along the ridge. We also agreed that the scrambling isn't that difficult; the crux chimney grants positive holds and doesn't feel particularly exposed. It's worth mentioning that Fabrice and I returned the same way we came instead of going down the alternate route. According to several trip reports, the direct descent isn't especially pleasant. What I really liked about this outing is that there's nearly no time spent in the forest, the view is unimpeded from the start. Hiking amongst the tall majestic mountains of Highwood Pass never disappoints. Mount Arethusa should be considered for those who want to try a difficult scramble. If the challenge is too great and a second trip is required when more experienced, it's less discouraging considering the modest amount of effort it takes to access the ridgeline. We liked this scramble!

mount arethusa

Mount Arethusa comes into view.

climbing on slab

Climbing on slab when possible.

fast height gain

Gaining height fairly quickly.

nearing the ridge

Nearing the ridge.

little arethusa

Highwood Ridge and Little Arethusa south-west of us.

at the crux

About to drop down the crux chimney.

top of crux

Top of the chimney.

stopping midway

Stopping midway.

fabrice enters chimney

Fabrice is entering the crux chimney.

avoiding difficulties

Travelling below the ridge crest to avoid difficulties.

ridge proper

Sections are on the ridge proper.

more ridge

South-east of Mount Arethusa, Storm Mountain steals the show.

off the ridge again

Off the ridge crest once again.

good progress

Making good progress along the ridge.

broken ridge

The ridge crest is especially broken here, there's a bypass.

looking back

Looking back.

nearing the summit

Nearing the summit.

fabrice by the cairn

Fabrice at the summit cairn!

eastern view

Eastern view past Mount Rae.

ascent ridge

Looking at the ascent ridge.

leaving the top

Leaving the summit.

interesting rock features

Interesting rock features along the way.

convenient ramp

Backtracking on the convenient bypass ramp.

neat section

This is a neat section of this scramble.

narrow path

Looking back as Fabrice negotiates the narrow path.

alpine lakes

There's a couple of beautiful alpine lakes on the eastern side.

cool pinnacle

Sitting on a cool pinnacle.

up the crux chimney

Back up the chimney.

down the mountain

On our way down the mountain.
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