Anthozoan Mountain

elevation: 2,695 m.
height gain: 1,085 m.
area: Skoki Area,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies
on the trail

On the trail after the access road.
Scramble: Fab and I camped at Baker Lake campground; we have two dogs this weekend. A porcupine kept coming close to us during the night, luckily we managed to keep him at bay. We did not bring a tent, the leashed dogs were quite stimulated by the visitor; we kept them in between us. The weather was perfect the following morning. We really enjoyed the lovely meadows in full bloom. I left Fab, Winston and Mickey near the base of the snow slope which leads to the north summit and plodded on. Wonderful, scenic place. Now it's off to try Brachiopod! Thank you Fab for dog-sitting. Pictures are taken from Fab's video footage.
intimidating marmot

Around Ptarmigan Lake we get attacked by marmots; you know I'm kidding!

east end of baker lake

The east end of Baker Lake, near the campground.


Brachiopod and Anthozoan's north summit (left).


Anthozoan Mountain.

north summit

About to leave Fab and the hounds near the north summit.

up the snow

Going up the snow was quick.

fab's hang out

In the meantime, Fab enjoys an awesome spot with great company.

dog greeting

A nice welcome back from the hounds.

the visitor

Also, this is one of the campground's ambassador.

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