Alpaca Peak (3-Peak Ridgewalk)

elevation: 2,083 m.
height gain: 70 m. (from Llama Peak)
area: Coquihalla Summit,BC
map 92 H/11

Ref: Alltrails
the objective

A tiny pond in the bedrock precedes Alpaca Peak.
Hike: RT: 8.0 (including Zupjok and Llama Peaks). As I neared my objective, the clouds darkened and the ceiling lowered. This definitely changed the scenery adding texture and mood to the surroundings. I wasn't concerned, in little time my tent would be erected granting me a decent shelter. The ridgewalk on smooth rock and open terrain is delightful. A tiny pond along the way made me wish it was 30˚on a bright sunny day. Today though, there was no lounging under the sun; the view was greatly reduced when I reached the top. I dropped my pack and walked around snapping pictures. This broad summit is amazing, it's comprised of smooth bedrock with small grassy terraces; there's even a lovely tarn that can provide water or a nice dip. The view is phenomenal, clouds or no clouds. After a good break, I set my attention on settling in. The wind was picking up but it still wasn't raining; somehow, this weather was energizing. I boiled water for my dinner and retreated for the night. The following morning I awoke to similar weather. I slowly packed up and started hiking down. On my return, the display of multi-layered clouds of different darkness stole the show. I stopped a couple of times to eat delicious berries and savour the moment. It still hadn't rained when I reached Zupjok Peak; I felt the first rain drops way down back on the Ottomite Mountain Road. I was quite pleased with this trip's outcome.

vicuna peak

Vicuna Peak is quite stately.

looking back

Looking back upon the lengthy ridgewalk.

bighorn peak

Bighorn Peak to the north.

view south

Looking south again from the summit.

low cloud cover

The cloud cover is quickly dropping.

anderson river group

The impressive Anderson River Group is disappearing.

eastern view

The eastern view is no longer visible.

my tent

My tent will soon be engulfed by cloud.

leaving the top

Leaving the top the next day.

looking back at the top

Looking back towards the summit.

tiny pond

Back at the tiny pond.

interesting clouds

Interesting display of clouds.

eating berries

One of numerous lovely spots to stop and eat berries.

back on zupjok

Needle Peak from the top of Zupjok Peak.
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