Allen, Mount GR:770482 

elevation: 2,367 m. height gain: 1,120 m.
area: Canal Flats,BC map 82 J/4

On the west side of highway 93/95, just north of Canal Flats, follow Findlay Creek road. Turn left, heading south, at the Skookumchuck FSR intersection (just past the 8 km marker on the road). Drive until the 22 marker which is shortly followed by a right hand turn up Copper Creek FSR (indicated). Drive as far as you can on the main, avoid the branch roads; go left at 806426, right at 794434, left at 791448. Continue to 782462 and boot up the drainage to a saddle, 782472 which leads to the summit ridge.
firm snow

Snowshoe trip: RT 10.5. Left Golden at 4:00 AM to be able to take advantage of the little overnight freeze there was (-1C). To our surprise we could not drive on the Copper Creek road due to too much snow (compacted by snowmobiles). That extended the trip dramatically from about 15 km to 24 at least. Faced with a long distance and a forecast of 16C, the race was on! After 5 hrs, I was at the summit in t-shirt weather, no wind but the hazy sky started to cover soon after. On the way back, the snow was mostly firm. The last 5 km we experienced some post-holing, even the doggy (which was sad to see because he was tired). Very lucky to have been able to get out of there so easily!

Very firm snow, no snowshoes required!

easy travelling

Straightforward and fast travelling.

heading toward the mound

We circumvent the south-east ridge climber's right to a saddle.

summit ridge

Summit ridge, Fab and Link are below the east slopes.

summit pic

Summit view looking east.


We are now using our snowshoes.

lincoln with his booties

Lincoln looks tired, he sometimes punches through near the end.

fab snowshoe

Fab's smiling until he punches through again.
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