Zombie Peak (South) GR:854890

elevation: 2,690 m. height gain: 880 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Park at the Gorman Lake trailhead, 892877 and follow a well-defined trail to Gorman Lake, described in Golden Hikes. Hike around the lake, the south shore is quickest and continue into the draw veering climber's right. Aim for the south ridge, 857881 which leads to the top of the south summit, 854890. Cliffs impede the way to the true summit. gorman lake
At the lake with Zombie Peak behind me.
Scramble: Nice summer day and straightforward scramble up a local peak we called Bilbo because it reminds us of our glossy black cat in the sphinx position. We later found out through Bivouac the real name of this mountain. The south ridge is blocky but offers little difficulty. Unfortunately, the true summit was unattainable. lots of snow
The back of the draw with Bokor Peak in the background.

crotte ridge
Leaving the lake behind.
ascent route
Up the grassy slopes to the ascent ridge (right).
northern view
Looking north, Kingpin Peak behind Fab.
from the top
Below, Gorman Lake is still under snow.
jo having an orange
At the top, Eos Peak behind me.
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