Whaleback Mountain (Traverse)

elevation: 2,617 m. height gain: 140 m. (from Isolated Peak)
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/10

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies isolated/whaleback col
Pinnacles at the Isolated/Whaleback Col.
Hike: RT 11.75 (including Isolated Peak); 3.75 for the traverse. Hunkered down below Isolated Peak and sheltered by a huge boulder, we were excited to watch the storm passing by. The wind driven rain was nearly horizontal but we remained dry. We had lunch and talked about God, humanity and the earth. After some time, blue sky appeared over Whaleback and the cloud cover lifted. We started to joke about "sucker holes" and next thing you know, we were on our way up Whaleback Mountain! This was unexpected, I had given up on the idea of exiting that way. We were happy about the opportunity; this is a fantastic ridge walk. Ascending to the ridge crest is easy. Once up there, we could see Mont des Poilus which was engulfed in clouds earlier. The Presidents were also now visible; as for Mounts Niles and Daly, they remained partly concealed. Walking along the ridge was lovely, we took tons of pictures. It seems that all the cloud layers added texture and mood; maybe because the sun still filtered through... As we neared the south-east end of the ridge, rain was fast approaching. We reached the Whaleback Trail and took shelter under a big tree for a snack; it was raining again. Unbelievably, the rain ceased in little time. We came down the steep switchbacked trail and met up with the Little Yoho Trail in less than an hour. From there, we casually made our way back to the trailhead. aiming for the dot
We aimed for the dot on the ridge right of center.
nearing the ridge crest
Nearing the ridge crest, good travelling on a crude trail.
clouds are lifting
Clouds are lifting and The Presidents appear.
looking back
Looking back at Mount McArthur and Isolated Peak.
distinguishable rock
Distinguishable rock.
too many pictures
Taking way too many pictures!
almost at the highpoint
Nearing the highpoint of Whaleback Mountain.
mountains are more visible
Mont des Poilus and Mount Collie are now visible.
at the summit
Whaleback Mountain's summit.
lovely traverse
Lovely traverse.
continuing to the south-east end
Continuing to the south-east end of the ridge.
weather moving in again
The weather moves in again.
rain near by
The rain is fast approaching.
whaleback trail below
The Whaleback Trail is discernible in the grasses below (left), that section goes to Twin Falls.
steep side of whaleback
Looking back at the abrupt side of Whaleback Mountain.
back on the main trail
It's raining but we're on the Whaleback Trail, soon back on the Little Yoho Trail.
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