Weed, Mount

elevation: 3,080 m. height gain: 1,335 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/15

Ref: Dow Williams' site close up
The direct gully is still filled with snow.
Scramble: RT 6.5; 4.0 up. We managed an early start, which was advantageous; the frozen rubble above treeline and firm snow offered good travelling conditions. We chose to ascend the direct gully, which turned out to be a treat. Crampons provided good purchase on the steepish snow. Once on the ridge, the cairn is less than a minute away. The cool, breezy wind did not stop us from enjoying the phenomenal view all around. The register was filled with rolling papers but no official note pad; or bud. Heading down was easy other than dealing with snow balling under the crampons. We followed a nice trail down the drainage to the waterfall. Hiking on Weed all day is grrreat!!! from the car
The ascent drainage follows the right side of the picture.
right fork
Above the waterfall, we traversed into the right fork drainage.
kane's boulders
"Rock city" and Kane's boulders, the sun will reach us soon.
a quick break
The mound behind us is a good landmark from the road.
leaving rock city
Hiking on frozen rubble.
ascent gully
The ascent gully comes into view.
upper rocks
A little closer.
looking down
Looking down. This is where we put our crampons on.
upper gully
We stayed climber's left of the rock outcrops.
looking down
Looking down from the upper gully.
At the top.
White Pyramid and Mount Chephren.
easthern view
Short bit of summit ridge, looking east.
ascent gully
From the top, you can almost see the whole ascent gully.
Wapta Icefields; Mount Baker looks quite impressive from here.
last look
Leaving the top, the cairn is still visible up on the left.
heading down
Careful not to slip due to snow balling up under the crampons.
rock city
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The drainage is a nice way to go.
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