Watch Peak

elevation: 2,391 m. height gain: 60 m. (100 m. loss)
area: Invermere,BC map 82 K/8

Via Mount Villeneuve's connecting ridge.
going to watch peak

Watch Peak is 40 meters lower than Mount Villeneuve and 1 kilometer away.
Scramble: RT: 7.0 (including Mount Villeneuve twice); 45 min. up. Watch Peak is the only officially named summit on Paradise Ridge. Although it is lower than its neighbour to the north, we had to include a visit. The distance is not a deterrent and a bluff along the ridge adds interest. From Mount Villeneuve, the ridge narrows leading to the bluff, we left our snowshoes behind. At the short bluff, there are options of easy to moderate scrambling; we embraced the opportunity to scramble on this otherwise mindless walk. After that, we followed goat tracks to the summit. The weather was slowly moving in but there was no wind and the temperature was mild. We stayed an hour, watching the clouds move around the mountains while enjoying hot chocolate. Returning was fast, even with a casual pace. Soon after leaving Watch Peak, we were again greeted by the nice inukshook of Mount Villeneuve; we passed by, leaving it behind. Back at the sleds, we prepared for the descent to treeline. Indeed, coming down on the sled required a lot of brake pumping to maintain control, I guess that was somewhat exciting! We stopped to visit the warming cabin and did a quick exploratory trip in the basin. On our way out, we also investigated a wall of ice used by ice climbers. This trip was very nice and quite different. During the summer, the area must be buzzing with people on ATVs and dirt bikes.
the ridge narrows

The ridge narrows, we decide to leave our snowshoes behind.

a bit of scrambling

Descending a break in the bluff.

fairly easy

The bluff offers easy to moderate scrambling.

a quick walk away

The summit is a quick walk away.

at the top

At the top, Mount Trafalgar hides most of Mount Nelson.

panorama resort

Panorama Ski Resort, south-east of us.

paradise basin

Paradise Basin, complete with several sledders below.

mount villeneuve

Mount Villeneuve and the continuing highpoints of Paradise Ridge.

leaving watch peak

Leaving Watch Peak behind.

back at the bluff

Scrambling back up the bluff.

break in the bluff

The break in the bluff.

almost back up mount villeneuve

The inukshook at the top is quite visible.


Back on Mount Villeneuve, Mount Nelson is no longer discernable.


Backtracking as the weather moves in.

looking back

One last glimpse.

pump the brakes

OK, lets head down, remember to pump the brakes!!!

in the cabin

In the warm cabin.

view from the cabin

The view of Watch Peak and Paradise Basin.

heading out

After touring the basin, we start down; notice the cabin (arrow).

ice wall along the way

A wall of ice close to the access road.
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