Vermilion Peak

elevation: 2,622 m. height gain: 1,260 m.
area: Kootenay Park,BC map 82 N/1

Ref: JayeWilcox's photos and albums
Park at Numa Falls parking lot south side of highway 93. Ascend south-west slopes aiming climber's right of the ridgeline. Follow the south-east ridge to the summit.

almost halfway

Time to strap the snowshoes on!
Snowshoe trip: RT 6.5; 4.0 up. The forecast was not stellar, cloudy with 60% chance of thundershowers late in the day. Evelyn was interested in this trip; she met us at the parking lot. We decided to get an early start to beat the bad weather. The temperature in Golden at 5:30 AM was already 8C. The snowline was much higher than anticipated which was a concern for Ev; she brought her skis. This was a good opportunity to weight out the pros and cons of snowshoes versus skis! Ev got a harsh start, packing her skis for nearly 500 m. vertical. Once we reached sufficient snow, we strapped on skis and snowshoes. It became obvious that the shoes offered a more direct line of ascent but they did not provide as much flotation. Higher up on firmer snow, travelling was fast and straightforward. The weather was holding and the sun was present for most of the ascent. The ridge was easily gained on snow and followed to the narrower final section. The cornice on the lee side took the airiness away; we walked carefully, with no difficulty to the top. We enjoyed a break in the clouds and awesome views. Returning was quick, especially for Ev; she got great turns from the ridge down treeline. She couldn't resist yelling "suckers!!!!" as she swiftly disappeared...
get these skis off my pack

Ev chooses skis over snowshoes.

ridgeline ahead

Travelling in the burnt trees to the ridgeline is pleasant.

on the ridge

Reaching the ridge via snow.


Mount Haffner behind Fab.

broad ridge

The summit ridge is broad at first.

final bit

The ridge narrows before gaining the top.

minutes away

The summit cairn just ahead.


At the top with my good friend Ev.

summit view

Highway 93 east towards Castle Junction.

kane's ascent gully

Kane's gully starts from the old section of road. We didn't come up this way.

looking back

Looking south-east, following the ascent ridge.
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