Tuktakamin Mountain

elevation: 1,779 m.
height gain: 930 m. (from 2 kms in)
area: Falkland,BC
map 82 L/5

Locate Pinaus Lake service road just west of Falkland, 095934. Follow the road avoiding numerous spurs. This might help; straight at 095928 and 103928, then switchback (left) at 107922. Turn left at a major 3-way intersection near Will Lake, 117916. Stay left at 129917 and 130920, then stay right at 138923, 141924, and 143923. Keep going straight at 153927 continuing along Tuktakamin's west ridge, the road circles the summit mound to its eastern aspect before climbing to the top.

stretch of ice

Not a long stretch of ice but while sliding backwards, it felt endless!
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.0; 4.0 up. The most excitment on this trip happened on the service road while I tried to drive as far as I could to reduce distance. While climbing, I encountered a long patch of ice. I figured there might be more dry road beyond it so I continued. All seemed fine until I reached a switchback; at that point, I started sliding backward. I pressed the brakes to put the truck in reverse, the battery light came on and the engine stalled. All this happened as the truck began careening downhill. I tried my best to steer and brake but I was at the mercy of gravity; I thought I might be going over the embankment... Luckily I got back on dirt and was able to slow the truck to a stop. I was shaking, this was a close call. Next, I wondered why the truck stalled and if it would even start again; it did. I found a place to park and took a breather. Before setting out on my hike, I made sure the truck would start again. The mindless hike on the packed service road was uneventful. The weather was unstable with flurries; higher up, the view was next to nil. It was a good day to simply enjoy a long hike and some mountain meditation.


Evidence... Studs don't always help.

looking back

Looking back.

easy hiking

Easy hiking on the packed service road.

snow squalls begin

Cloud cover is lowering and snow squalls begin.

following the road

I'm just mindlessly following the road.

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

radio towers

Radio towers and such.

northern view

View north-west.

southern view

South-eastern view.

sun shining through

The sun tries to shine through the clouds.

uneventful descent

Uneventful descent.

looking back

Looking back at the summit right of center.

atv tracks

An ATV ventured this way.

start of the service road

The start of the service road.
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