Tsuius Mountain

elevation: 2,487 m.  height gain: 875 m.
area: Cherryville,BC
map 82 L/9

Drive on highway 6 to Cherryville. At Frank's General Store, turn left on Sugar Lake Road. Follow this road for about 65 kilometers to the Monashee Powdercats Lodge turn-off, 046202; continue on this road to the lodge, 026190. A trail to Mirror Lake exists, but due to snow cover, we made our way described as follows. From the lodge, hike west on the service road for approx. 70 meters, then veer left on the ATV road, 024190. That leads to the lodge's water intake, 020191. From there, we bushwhacked in a south-west direction for a short distance before ascending towards a saddle indicating Mirror Lake's drainage. Once at the lake, we headed west and climbed the headwall; then, we travelled to the foot of the mountain and climbed the south-east ridge to gain the first summit. The traverse to the second summit is straightforward. We came down steep snow slopes from the saddle between the two peaks.

trail map

Tsuius hiking trail map.

snowcat lodge

Monashee Powder Snowcats Lodge.
Scramble: RT: 9.0; 5.0 up. Following our previous visit to Mirror Peak a couple of weeks ago, we had a good idea of the route we would take for this objective. We were hoping the snow cover on the approach to Mirror Lake hadn't melted too much as we planned to forgo the trail and go the same way we had travelled. We got an earlier start than the last time and hiked the ATV road to the lodge's water intake. Then, we roughly followed the drainage on its left; luckily, the snow cover had only receded slightly. We reached Mirror Lake in about half the time of our previous visit. From there, we executed a climbing traverse via the steep snow slopes at the back of the lake. Once at the foot of Tsuius Mountain, we opted to ascend the south-east ridge to the first of the double summits, then traverse to the second summit. Before gaining the ridge, we climbed a steep snow slope; Milan led the pitch kicking nice "buckets" for me. Then we scrambled to the first peak; a couple of sections offer excitement but never exceed easy scrambling. The weather was amazing; we traversed to the second summit while enjoying the view. At the top, we took our boots off and lazed on the helipad. We took advantage of the long days of summer and relished in the moment of standing atop such a wonderful Monashee peak. The descent was thrilling; Milan got to experience the use of crampons and travel techniques on steep snow. It was a joy to share my experience and passion for the mountains. Tsuius Mountain is a very nice objective for scramblers wanting to tackle straightforward snow travel.

atv trail

Veering left onto the ATV trail.

water intake

The lodge's water intake.

mirror lake's drainage

Bushwhacking to Mirror Lake's drainage.

aiming for the saddle

Aiming for the saddle ahead.

ascending the drainage

Ascending Mirror Lake's drainage.

meltwater on ice

I love the colour of meltwater on ice.

tsuius mountain

Mirror Lake and Tsuius Mountain.

climbing back of the lake

Climbing traverse on the snow slopes at the back of the lake.

top of headwall

Reaching the rim of Mirror Lake's headwall.

foot of the mountain

Making our way to the foot of the mountain.

double summits

Tsuius Mountain's double summits.

mirror peak

Looking back at Mirror Peak (center) and Cross Over Mountain on its left.

climbing south-east ridge

Climbing to Tsuius' south-east ridge.

steep pitch

The pitch steepens as we crest over the ridge.

nice snow walk

A nice walk on snow precedes the first summit.

easy scrambling

Easy scrambling interrupts the snow walk.

looking back

Looking back.

first summit

Atop the first summit with the second peak in sight.

traverse to second peak

Traversing to the second summit.

on the helipad

On the helipad of Tsuius Mountain, whoot whoot!
Picture courtesy of Milan Kubik.

joss mountain

To the north, Joss Mountain stands directly behind East Tsuius Peak.

north-eastern view

The north-eastern view includes Revelstoke's Mount Begbie.

looking south-east

Looking south-east along the traverse to the first summit.

blanket mountain

Blanket Mountain (left) and Cranberry Mountain to the right.

alternate descent

Choosing an alternate descent route from the saddle between the two summits.

steep snow slope

The snow slope coming off the ridge is steep.

traverse to avoid rocks

Exercising a short traverse to avoid rocks below.

looking back

Looking back towards the saddle.
Picture courtesy of Milan Kubik.

glissading not an option

The terrain is too steep and firm for safe glissading.

looking down

Looking at the lower slopes with Mirror Peak in front of us.

flatter ground

Back on flatter ground.

backtracking to mirror lake

Backtracking to Mirror Lake below.

lodge in sight

Dipping down Mirror Lake's drainage with the lodge in sight.

re-entering the forest

Re-entering the forest.
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