Tower, The GR:205351

elevation: 3,117 m. height gain: 1,260 m.
area: Smith-Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies on the trail
Following the Rummel Lake trail is quite delightful.
Scramble: RT 8.5; 4.0 up. Another fantastic outing. We invited our good friend Ev for this early fall, summer send-off weekend. The mild temperature and absence of snow at this time of the year is great for any fair weather enthusiast. We followed the Rummel Lake trail; the gentle grade provides the opportunity to maintain a conversation on the way up. Past the first lake, we saw a grizzly run away from us across talus slopes until he was out of sight. He was healthy looking, his fat jiggling at the impressive speed he was travelling. Grizzly video. When we reached the ascent gully, we were still unsure of where the summit was; the top looks like it's part of the ridge. The sun was now shining and the wind cooled us nicely. We enjoyed the climb, mostly on rock slabs the whole way up. From below, the ascent slope appears shorter than it is. Once at the short traverse (near the ridge crest), the summit is a short distance away. We stayed at the summit for a while; amazingly it offered shelter from the wind. The view was unhindered by Mount Nestor's prescribed fires. I felt fortunate to be here with my friend Ev, and Fab of course! Our return was not as fast as anticipated. Our careful descent, slowed by searching for looser stuff, was followed by a questionable decision: choosing the cutline on the way down. Part of the cutline is obstructed by windfall and overgrown in other sections. The trail is faint and hard to follow. After losing the cutline, we decided to plod straight down through the cutblock back to the road. rummel lake
At the lake, the sun is rising but the air is already warm.
the objective
The Tower now in sight; which is the summit?
a closer look
A close look at the route; left side of the drainage.
deceivingly long
The slope is relentless but enjoyable.
Fossilized worms.
looking back
Looking back on the upper slope.
nearing the summit ridge
Upper terrain and summit, left of center.
Near the ridge crest a traverse is required.
30th summit this year!
bogart and kidd
Mounts Bogart and Kidd, left and right.
jo and ev
Summit picture with my very good friend Ev.
heading down
Leaving the sheltered top.
traverse from the top
Short distance to the traverse, the crux of the trip.
A little bit of hands-on.
After the traverse, back to rubble and slabs.
back on vegetation
Taking advantage of this incredible weather.
pleasant hiking
Hiking in the meadow.
rummel lake
Yellow colored deciduous larch is a reminder of fall's arrival.
not so pleasant cutline
The cutline is difficult to follow.
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