Tabeguache Peak

elevation: 4,314 m.
height gain: 150 m. (from Mount Shavano)
area: Poncha Springs,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Maysville, CO

tabeguache peak

It was still dark when I reached the summit of Tabeguache Peak.
Scramble: RT 9.0 (includes Mount Shavano); 45 minutes up from Mount Shavano. The extension to Tabeguache Peak is straightforward but hikers must consider weather before proceeding as there aren't any simple ways out from the ridge. When I engaged on the traverse, it was dark. I knew the sky was covered because I couldn't see the stars anymore, I needed my headlamp to negotiate the blocky terrain along the way. It was windy and cold, I focused on the immediate ground ahead of me without stopping. After the saddle, I started to discern the silhouette of Tabeguache, I hurried to the top to catch the sunrise. Once dawn was upon me, I realized I wouldn't see the sunrise this morning. I was a bit surprised that the cloudcover was already so dark, thunder was in the forecast for around noon and it wasn't even 6 AM yet. I suddenly felt at the mercy of mother nature. I quickly took some pictures and didn't even take the time to call Tim to let him know I had reached both summits. I turned on my heels and started backtracking to Mount Shavano. I did take some pics along the way while hiking at a fast pace; I must admit that when I glanced at my surroundings, I found the scenery beautiful and somewhat magical. I was nervous and excited at the same time, like the irony of feeling alive when one's life is threatened. When I reached Shavano's summit, the weather seemed to be improving. If the mountain had a soul I would be tempted to say it had played a joke on me! I descended some distance and stopped for a well-deserved break, I had been going steady since I left the truck after midnight. It was really nice to unwind; I ate, called Tim and sat down for a while. The rest of the descent was enjoyable, I glissaded all the way to treeline where I picked up the trail shortly thereafter. On the way down I thought about how different this outing had been. Hiking in the dark is not typical, it precipitates a disparate state of mind. I also experienced strong emotions and saw great views despite the cloudcover and haste. I won't forget Shavano and Tabegache, I'm really glad I executed this duo as I did, I enjoyed it and wouldn't change a thing!

mount shavano

Looking back at Mount Shavano.

northern view

The northern view with Mount White and massive Mount Antero behind it.

western view

Western view.

grizzly and cronin

Grizzly Mountain (left) and centennial 13er Cronin Peak (right center).

jones peak

Jones Peak beyond the connecting ridge to Mount Shavano.

on my way back

On my way back to Mount Shavano.

easy peasy but in a hurry

Easy peasy but in a hurry!

tabeguache peak

Tabeguache Peak, now that I can see it.

connecting ridge

More of the connecting ridge.

blue holes in the sky

Blue holes in the sky, could the weather be improving instead of worsening?

mount antero

View north again with Jones Peak, Mount White and 14er Mount Antero!

slight glow from the sun

Slight glow from the sun as I gain Shavano for the second time today.

taylor mountain

Taylor Mountain south-west of me.

last glimpse

Last glimpse towards Tabeguache Peak.

sky is breaking up

Looking north-east, the sky is breaking up.

shavano's east ridge

Mount Shavano's east ridge.

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