Strata Butte (Dg25) GR:031671 

elevation: 2,662 m. height gain: 970 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/2

Park at the 12 Mile Creek trailhead, described in Golden Hikes. Follow the south fork trail for 700 m. At the start, the trail heads to the top, right corner of the cutblock and enters the forest. At the small bridge, 015687 (two logs), we left the nice trail and followed the creek up the draw (heading south-east). We always heard the creek, hiking along the side that offered the least resistance through manageable windfall. Shortly after passing by a nice waterfall, we came to a small headwall. We noticed a scree slope on the climber's right that easily leads above the wall. From there, the back of the draw comes into view: a great scree slope next to the bluffs below an alpine lake, 017669 and our ascent to Strata's saddle, 029670. The scramble up the grassy slope is straightforward. From the saddle the top is very near, the travel is over blocky terrain and through spider webs.

A bit of bushwhacking along the creek.

lincoln likes it

Scramble: RT 5.25; 3.25 up. Another great trip in our area. We were hoping this one would not be too difficult for Lincoln, and it passed the grade! The bushwhack along the creek was not that bad and lasted a short time. As we got further up, the hiking was enjoyable and water was available for Link. The grassy slope to the saddle was ascended within an hour. The blocky terrain beyond worried me a little (for the pup) but he appears to be learning to take it slow and he chooses good lines! There is no exposure on the summit ridge and a nice view on the Columbia Valley awaits at the top.

Higher up the travelling is enjoyable.

little waterfall

Nice little waterfall, we skirted left.

breach in headwall

Scree slope that breaches the headwall near treeline.

grassy slope

Grassy slope to the saddle.

at the saddle

At the saddle.

the summit

Sitting on the summit cairn.

pearl necklace

A view of the Nipple,  left in the shade and Pearl Necklace,  right of center shaded as well.

looking south

Looking south towards Flattop.

cornice at the top

Cornice at the top.

connecting ridge past the saddle

Connecting south-west ridge and beautiful tarn.


Strata Butte and its "stratified look". Picture taken from Golden.
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