Springer Peak (DG 24) GR:983697

elevation: 2,619 m.
height gain: 950 m.
area: Golden,BC
map 82 N/2-3

Park at the 12 Mile Creek trailhead, described in Golden Hikes. Follow the north fork trail and description for the Upper Falls (past Certainty Mine Trail junction). Once at the base of the waterfall, ascend climber's left then head in a westerly direction towards the obvious saddle on the ridge line, 985689. The summit is easily reached via its southern ridge.

creek crossing

Creek crossing at the beginning of the trail.
Scramble: RT 8.5;4.25 up. While researching mountain stuff, we came across Bivouac's newly allocated names describing the DG peaks that compose the Dogtooth Range. Appropriately enough, names of dog species were chosen. Out of curiosity, we checked for Springer Peak because we have Springers and there it was, at the head of familiar 12-Mile Creek. We made this our objective and I'm glad we did, the approach trail was greatly appreciated and it was delightful to come back this way. We drove the truck partways and used the ATV to reach the trailhead. As we hiked the trail, memories of previous trips flooded our conversations; particularly our scramble up Pearl Necklace with Winston, our first English Springer Spaniel. We had a quick break at the waterfall before hiking to the back of the draw where we spotted a bunch of Ptarmigans. Gaining the summit ridge is straightforward and took little time. I was pleased with the absence of wind, it felt especially mild for this time of the year. We casually walked to the top where we dropped our packs to enjoy a good lengthy stay. We rebuilt the cairn while having lunch, the pleasant weather and great view kept us glued at the top. This casual trip was a wind down scramble; we had pushed hard to reach 400 summits before my surgery this november and we had done mostly long arduous outings. I must admit, I was happy to just lollygag all day and enjoy the sights; both Fab and I had acquired a lot of fatigue. After a satisfying break at the top, we retraced our steps down. I felt a bit sad knowing very well I wouldn't return to the mountains for a while, I hiked in silence thinking about the long winter of rehabilitation ahead of me. At Winston's rock, below the waterfall, my thoughts shifted to memories of him; it had been almost 10 years since his passing... It seemed today would end on a grey note. As we neared Certainty Mine Junction we started hearing voices, we wondered who was out this late in the season. When we reached the junction, a bunch of hikers arrived from the other trail, they had tried to climb Pearl Necklace with no avail. Fabrice explained the proper way to gain the top before resuming our descent; as we left, he mentioned checking out Goldenscrambles for directions. There's nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion! This outing up Springer Peak would have been much better with our pack of Springers!

good trail

A fairly good trail leads to the old grade road.

skirting boulder fields

Skirting boulder fields.

nearing the old grade road

Climbing to the old grade road, there's lots of flagging along the way.

old grade road

Reaching the old grade road.

certainty mine junction

Sitting on the bench at the Certainty Mine Junction.

the trail dissipates

The trail dissipates in the valley bottom near the waterfall.

winston's rock

The rock we once posed on with our beloved Winston.

easy ascent left of the waterfall

Easy ascent climber's left of the waterfall.

almost above the waterfall

We'll veer climber's right and end up in a basin above the waterfall.

in the basin

At the basin, we ascend scree to reach the ridge, the summit is out of view to the right.

a little higher

A little higher.

pearl necklace's access ramp

North of us is the scree ramp leading to Pearl Necklace.


Numerous Ptarmigans along the way.

climbing to the ridge

Climbing to the ridge.

on the summit ridge

On the summit ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

summit in sight

The summit is the peak right of center.

pleasant ridge walk

Pleasant ridge walk.

small false summit

Small false summit ahead.

looking back again

Looking back again.

south-eastern view

South-east ern view with The Nipple with Strata Butte behind it.

almost at the top

Almost at the top.

at the top

At the top.

rebuilding the cairn

Rebuilding the cairn with Glacier National Park in the background to the west.

spillimacheen mountain

Spillimacheen Mountain (right) south of us.

summit dance

Summit dance.

naming mountains

Naming mountains.

juggling the register

Juggling the register.



another quick break

Another quick break.


Backtracking with a good view of the pointy Nipple.

descending to the base of the waterfall

Descending to the base of the waterfall.

meeting hikers

Meeting a group of hikers that attempted Pearl Necklace
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