Shyster Peak GR:656284

elevation: 2,629 m. height gain: 1,320 m.
area: Brisco,BC map 82 K/16

Drive to Kindersley/Pinnacle FSR, 16.5 km north of Radium. Follow for about 8.5 km and turn right, 633249; park at an equestrian camp 500 meters down the road. The rest of the road is washed-out in places and is used as a horse trail. Follow the trail heading east along the drainage, at 645259, it veers south-east and intersects the ascent drainage, 648258. Ascend climber's left of the drainage through a previously logged area gaining the creekbed just prior to some bluffs. The bluffs are circumvented by climbing a steep slope along the base of the slabs until it is possible to start traversing into the draw. We travelled below more bluffs without gaining or losing too much height and eventually reached the creekbed. Continue up the drainage until extensive bluffs and a tall waterfall impede the way, 653264; from there, you need to pick your way through the bluffs climber's left of the drainage. Several options requiring moderate scrambling exist. Bushwhacking is not bad; with luck, finding several game trails helps. Above the waterfall, we came out of the trees and traversed into the open slide path. The slide path heads in a northely direction and leads to the back of the draw, 656274; climb up to the saddle between Shyster Peak and Mount Crook. The summit ridge easily leads to the top.

It is worth visiting Mount Crook while you're there!


The equestrian camp and trailhead.

broad trail

On a broad trail for the first couple of kilometers.


The horse trail is washed out.
Scramble: RT 10.5; 5.5 up. When we ventured up Mount Crook, we were unaware the adjacent mountain was also named; to stay true to the theme of the official name Mount Crook, its neighbor was called Shyster! This outing was exciting for us, last time we came this way was 6 years ago and there was no information on the internet. This time around, this is familiar grounds; we're following the route we took for Crook most of the way. We had no trouble driving to the equestrian camp. We followed the wide trail, everything seemed the same until we got to the washouts where the trail now crosses the creek at a couple of places before returning on the north bank. We reached the intersection and quickly made our way towards the ascent drainage. I remembered the first section, steep hiking circumventing vertical slabs; once above the bluffs, all we remembered was traversing. We vaguely recollected the pleasant hiking in the drainage after the traverse, it was a nice surprise. Higher up, the other section of bluffs giving access to the slide path came in sight. We took a different line up, closer to the waterfall; Fab and I agreed that the bash through alders wasn't the best way to go! We stepped on a game trail we had cairned years ago and gained the open slide path. There was firm snow to walk on, we didn't need our snowshoes, a very enjoyable hike ensued. We couldn't help noticing the exposed grassy ramp we'd climbed on our previous trip in 2009; I was glad we weren't going there. In the back of the draw, we ascended a steep slope and reached the Shyster-Crook Col. The walk to the summit is mercifully short; we sat down for a very nice break, there was no wind and the thermometer read 12˚ Celsius. Our return was delightful, we still didn't need the snowshoes and we glissaded a short section. At the end of the slide path, we found the better route through the bluffs we had used in 2009. The weather remained dry as we backtracked to the truck. We had no complaints today... blessed with another great local outing!

in the creekbed

We travelled in the creekbed until we found the trail again on the north bank.

ascent drainage

After ascending the overgrown cutblock, we locate the ascent drainage.

circumventing slabs

A wall of slabs forces us to climb steep terrain on the left until we can traverse back to the creekbed.


Negotiating minor bluffs as we contour without gaining or losing too much height.

into the drainage again

Fab builds a cairn where we step into the drainage once more.

good travel

Despite the look, the drainage offers good travel.

along the creekbed

Pleasant hiking along the creekbed.

second set of bluffs

Coming to the second set of bluffs.

building cairns

Fabrice likes to build cairns!

moderate scrambling

Moderate scrambling climber's left of the drainage.

open slide path

Whoo hoo, we've reached the open slide path; let the fun part begin!

firm snow

Walking on firm snow.

grassy ramp

The grassy ramp we took to ascend Mount Crook appears.

fantastic conditions

Fantastic conditions as we continue up the draw.

no snowshoes required

No snowshoes required!

shyster-crook col

Nice transition to the saddle between Mount Crook and Shyster Peak.

looking back

Looking back.


Straightforward ascent to the top.

at the top

12˚ Celsius, no wind... aww, break time!

nice view

View over the Columbia Valley.

heading back

Heading back.

mount crook

Mount Crook.

short glissade ahead

Just about to sit for a short glissade.

on a game trail

We followed a game trail towards the bluffs.

fabrice's old cairn

Fabrice finds a cairn he built when we came in 2009.

short scramble

Short scramble back down to the drainage.

traverse through bush

After nice hiking in the drainage, we traversed through the bush above the initial set of bluffs.

along the initial slabs

Descending alongside the slabs to the creekbed; we're close to the overgrown cutblock and horse trail.

home stretch

Home stretch along the main drainage.
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