Seven, Mount GR:105778 

elevation: 2,520 m. height gain: 440 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/7

From the lights in Golden, drive four blocks east on 9th Street, past the RecPlex, and turn right on 14th Ave, just before the elementary school. If you reach the swimming pool, you've gone too far. Drive south on 14th Ave. In two blocks, it starts climbing a steep hill to Selkirk Heights subdivision. Follow the road up the hill, around the corner, and keep going straight. Continue straight after the houses end, and drive 300 metres through the new subdivision. You will reach a T intersection. Turn left on to the Mount Seven FSR (now paved). Ref: Golden Hikes.
Park at the paraglider's launch, 082802. From there, hike or drive (4X4 required) up the very steep utility road that follows the north-east ridge to a turn point, the old CBC repeater site, 098793. This road may now be blocked off or washed-out. Heading south, the trail dips down about 80 m. to a saddle to gain Mount Seven's summit ridge, which is easily followed to the top, 105778.

parked at the old antenna

The old CBC repeater site.

coming out of the trees

Nice ridge walk, already out of the trees.
Scramble: Our old 82 Ford 4x4 started to skip gears (in low range) on the way up a VERY steep section past the launching area. I thought we would start rolling back, I nearly panicked but Fab just kept driving, quiet and focused. We crested on a ridge, only in BC can you drive on a somewhat narrow ridge to 2180 m. Pascale and Graham came along on this local outing. We started the hike with an 80 m. elevation loss, but we didn't care after travelling such a long way with the truck. The scramble from there was not lengthy, there is a nice trail all the way to the summit.
above treeline

Scree ridge, obvious trail.

scoping ahead

The objective ahead.

we're here

At the summit.

hiking buddies

Pascale and Graham.
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