Scarlett O'Hara, Mount

elevation: 2,882 m. height gain: 1,800 m.
area: Radium,BC map 82 K/9

Drive west of Radium and get onto the Horsethief Creek FSR. Follow it heading west; go straight at a four-way junction, 607057 and left at 575045. This road, indicated on the topo map, has yellow kilometer markers; we parked past the 22 km just before the bridge crossing Horsethief Creek, 494028.

***The approach road, Grotto Private Road,  heads west along the north side of Horsethief Creek, it has a Private Property-No Trespassing sign*** Request permission for access by contacting Horsethief Creek Ranch (

Drive, bike or hike the service road, it's about 9 kilometers to the ascent drainage, 420023. We ascended climber's right of the creek; within about a kilometer, the terrain opens up. A large avalanche path grants delightful hiking into Scarlett O'Hara's south basin. Several options exist to gain the west ridge, a straightforward scramble leads to the top.

no trespassing
Grotto Private Road has a No Trespassing sign and requires permission to access.
along the forest road
Sloughs along the north side of Horsethief Creek.
Scramble: RT 11.5; 5.5 up. A while ago, I entertained the thought of reaching this summit via its north aspect, possibly on skis but last year it dawned on me that the southern draw might offer a great snow ascent and glissade. We planned our route and decided to bring bikes. We drove to Grotto Private Road and parked off to the side. The road was in good shape and easy to ride, we didn't see anybody. At the ascent drainage, we ditched our bikes and started bushwhacking up the forest climber's right of the creek; we followed game trails for most part. Once we broke out of the trees in the open avalanche path, hiking became quite delightful. We went past a huge boulder and proceeded towards the summit ridge on flat shale. The ridge is not difficult, it was thrilling to step onto the summit. We sat for a good break enjoying spectacular views and 30˚Celsius weather. Returning was fast. We came down a snow gully to shortcut the summit ridge. On the bikes, it seemed coming back took very little time. We liked this trip! typical terrain
Typical terrain climber's right of the ascent drainage.
open drainage
The drainage opens up and is very delightful.
upper mountain
We went up on the left and came down the middle snow gully.
mount cuchulainn
Mount Cuchulainn's eastern peak.
ascent to the ridge
Ascent to the ridge.
summit ridge
On the summit ridge.
north drainage
It may be worth investigating the north drainage via Tara Lake for access.
impressive mountains
Impressive mountains directly west of us.
along the ridge
Along the ridge.
looking back
Looking back.
summit in sight
The summit is in sight.
looking back again
Looking back again.
at the top
At the top with Mount Bruce and Paradise Ridge in the background on the right.
View south: Mount Slade, Red Line Peak, Mounts Delphine and Farnham (left to right).
adding some stones
Adding a few stones, unfortunately we forgot to bring a register.
heading back
Heading back with Mount Sally Serena in front of us, glaciated North Star Peak is visible in the distance.
loose wet avalanche
Fabrice triggers a loose wet avalanche with a couple of big rocks.
Taking a shortcut for the descent.
decent boot skiing
Decent boot skiing.
last glimpse
Last glimpse at the gullies, we expected more snow...
easy hiking
Easy hiking in the open swath.
huge boulder
We filled our bottles at the huge boulder.
last of the open terrain
Enjoying the last bit of open terrain.
back in the forest
Back in the forest.
bandits on bikes
A painless return on the bikes awaits.
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