Redstreak Mountain

elevation: 2,160 m. height gain: 1,200 m.
area: Radium,BC map 82 K/9

UPDATE FOR 2014: We have been contacted by the owners of the land in the vicinity of the trailhead and told that the described access from Hikes Around Invermere & The Columbia River Valley by Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn is no longer viable due to trespassing and liability issues. The land owners also mentioned that there is an alternate access route for the mountain beginning from nearby Redstreak Campground in Kootenay National Park.

Alternate access is available from Redstreak Campground. Starting from the campground (loop E, site 5), follow the old trail that links the campground and Radium Resort. As the trail fades towards the road, contour to the left, following a natural bench until you intersect the National Park boundary cutline, 676070. Follow the cutline until it meets with the original access.

Note for 2014: This is the trailhead from the campground.
Scramble: RT 7.5; 4.0 up. This small mountain is a good objective for the shoulder season. To our surprise, a nice trail winds up the ascent rib to the west ridge. We did not need to scramble up the bluffs as the book mentions. On the west ridge, the way is obvious. Before the dip, we studied the route to the "slab". Once in the trees and against the bluffs, it is more difficult to find the way. There are trails assisting travel in the right direction but recognizing the ascent slab ahead of time is helpful. Committed, we didn't look at the alternate way up, the corner system (also described). Fabrice went up the slab and threw me the end of the rope. I looped it around my chest and proceeded on belay, just in case. From there, we soon reached the summit. The view is beautiful; we lingered comfortably at the top. Clouds were moving in but the wind was calm. On the way down, we used the rope to execute a traditional method of descent on the slab. Nice experience and great fun! We enjoyed the rest of the descent as the rain held-up.
fading trail

Note for 2014: The trail meanders then fades away as it approaches the road.

natural bench

Note for 2014: A natural bench leads to the National Park boundary.

starting the climb

A short climb leads to the cut line.

cut line

The Park Boundary cut line.

flagged trail

A flag indicates a trail that veers onto the south rib.

typical terrain

The flagged trail goes all the way to the west ridge. It goes climber's right of the bluffs.

west ridge

The trail tops out slightly below the view point.

redstreak bluffs

Before we lose elevation and enter the trees, we study the route.

the crux

We aim for the small, dark slab with the snow below it.

red bluffs

Nearing bluffs of intense red colour.

amazing colour


the slab

Standing at the base of the ascent slab.

nearing the false summit

Continuing above the slab, almost there.

true summit ahead

The cairn is in sight. The trail goes around the south side (right) of the outcrop.

first bit of snow

Heading to the true summit.

at the top

Looking back from the top.


The cairn and the Columbia Valley.

fab enjoying the top

Fabrice enjoying the view and his food.

clouds are moving in

Northern view along the valley.

above the slab

Heading back down.

west ridge

The complex west ridge.

fun stuff

The easy way down the slab.

remaining dry

Back on the ridge, it's still not raining.

red bluff

One last glimpse at this stunning red bluff.

fun day

Very neat and fun day!
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