Red Line Peak

elevation: 3,226 m. height gain: 1,500 m. (from closure sign) 
area: Radium.BC map 82 K/8-9

Drive west of Radium and get onto the Horsethief Creek FSR. Follow it heading west; go straight at a four-way junction, 607057 and left at 575045. Continue across the bridge over Horsethief Creek, 494028 and pass several side roads. The access road is clearly marked McDonald Creek Main, 386011, it's in good shape. There's a Road Closure-Active Mining sign at the junction for the mining road, 392960.

We called the number on the sign to inquire about the status of the road. We were told that it is allowed to use the road past the sign to access Red Line Peak's basin; access is restricted on a branching road about 1.5 kilometer further, 394946, due to active mining.

Go straight (south) at the intersection with the closed road that heads north (394946) and continue well into Red Line's north basin. As the road veers east towards an adjacent bowl, 414923, leave it and climb along side a grassy rib towards the headwall. Above the headwall, 419921, hike towards the objective on rock until it gives way to snow slopes; these gentle slopes lead to the north ridge of Red Line Peak. Once on the ridge, the summit is very near. A short steep ascent is required to gain the top of the summit block.

mount delphine

Reaching the mining road via cutblocks with Mount Delphine in front of us.

red line peak

Further up the mining road, Red Line Peak is revealed.

our route

Our route through the headwall to reach the upper snow slopes and summit ridge.
Scramble: RT 10.0; 5.0 up. I noticed Red Line Peak while on the summit of Mount Scarlett O'Hara last week. We took some pictures and plotted a route during the week, there's a trip report on Bivouac. We decided to bring the ATV to go up the branching McDonald Creek Main. Just as we were unloading, the sound of heavy machinery seemed to come from our access road... gosh, this could be a bad start... The machinery was on another side branch at the start of the service road, lucky! We proceeded to the junction of the Red Line mining road, there's a road closure sign. We thought this sign might be old and the mine inactive; we jotted down the number to inquire about the status of the road. Given that it was monday, we left the ATV behind and walked up. As we suspected, there was no signs of life except for tons of ATV and dirt bike tracks. Once in the basin, we left the road and picked our way past treeline. We aimed for some reference points we spotted from below and found an easy way through the headwall that guards the snow slopes and ridge. The short summit ridge still had a fair amount of snow, the alpine axe came in handy! A huge cairn dots the summit along with a really heavy wooden plaque. We enjoyed the spectacular views and a good rest before backtracking. I felt very fortunate to climb such a tall mountain with relative ease. We're inspired to return, maybe with the ATV!
manageable terrain

Manageable terrain through the headwall. 

aiming for a snowpatch

Aiming for the snowpatch we noticed below.

above the headwall

Above the headwall, we followed a rock rib.

snow slopes

Travelling on snow slopes towards the summit ridge.

north-east ridge

Red Line Peak's north-east ridge.

looking back

Looking back with Carcass Peak in the background.

low clouds

Low clouds come and go.

exposed section

Exposed section.

looking back again

Looking back again.

summit ahead

Summit ahead.

mount delphine

Mount Delphine.

at the cairn

Standing next to the impressive cairn.

wooden plaque

Heavy wooden plaque.

leaving the top

Leaving the top.

steep snow

Steep snow.

mount nelson

Mount Nelson and Sultana Peak.

very enjoyable

Very enjoyable outing.

summit block

At the base of the summit block with improving weather.

mount farnham

Mount Farnham.



boot skiing

A short section of boot skiing.


Fab gives me attitude!
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