Rectitude Peak GR:766593

elevation: 2,168 m.
height gain: 800 m.
area: Craigellachie,BC
map 82 M/2

Just east of Craigellachie, locate Avoca West on the north side of the highway. Shortly after, take a left onto Perry River FSR (labeled North Fork), 808509. Stay on the main road; just passed the 6 km marker, take a left on a secondary service road, 807559. This road has numerous side spurs; keep climbing using the switchbacks. At 793566, I hiked an old road that heads west; not recommended. Instead, consider continuing on the road to gain the ridge further, or better yet, use K3's cat-ski lodge, 776571, to access the mountain. I followed the south-eastern ridge to the false summit; the traverse to the true summit is straightforward.

good service road

Good service road.
Scramble: RT 8.25; 4.5 up. This objective has been under my radar for quite some time. It is close to Salmon Arm and grants great views onto Caballero Peak. The latter is easy to reach from the south side, but 5th class scrambling is required to surmount the summit block. Ascending Rectitude Peak allowed me to scrutinize its northern aspect to see if an easier way is feasible. I approached my objective of a logging road I had previously visited. In hindsight, the cat-ski lodge would grant better access to this outing. I parked my truck a bit short of the junction I noticed on Google Earth. I hiked to it and veered off the main road. The old road was overgrown with alder; I opted to leave it for a direct line through deadfall, blueberry, and prickly bush. Luckily, I stepped onto consolidated snow well before the treeline, which allowed me to continue at a good pace without losing the remaining skin on my legs! The rest of the ascent was delightful; I climbed the steep snow slope to the false summit while scoping out Caballero Peak and K3's cat-ski lodge below. Unfortunately, Caballero appears difficult from this side as well... I would have to get close to see if a route reveals itself. I admired the view as I traversed to Rectitude's true summit. The weather was great; following a long stay at the top, I started traversing to the first peak. I savoured my return on the snow as I wasn't looking forward to the bushwhack ahead of me. All too soon, the thinning snow led to the gnarly bush. I was thrilled to step back onto the road. I resumed my descent to the truck with a feeling of contempt. I can't say that I recommend my route; however, it was a great outing despite the scratches!

the worst section

The worst section is at the beginning.

overgrown with alders

The spur road is very overgrown with alders.

leaving the gnarly bush

Leaving the gnarly bush behind.

consolidated snow

Consolidated snow grants pleasant hiking.

straightforward terrain

Straightforward terrain to the ridge.

making good time

Making good time on the snow.

true summit

Rectitude's true summit (center).

caballero peak

Caballero Peak is on the left.

traverse to summit

Traversing to the true summit with Anstey Peak at the far right.

eastern view

North-eastern view towards the giants of the Cat Group.

eastern view

Mount Coperland and Eagle Pass Mountain (center) to the east.

false summit

Looking back at Rectitude's false summit.

snowbound tarn

A snowbound tarn below.

nice ridge

Nice ridge.

caballero peak

Caballero Peak.

cat-ski lodge

K3's cat-ski lodge (center) most likely grants a better approach.

delightful return

Delightful return until the snow runs out.

bushwhacking to the road

Bushwhacking back to the service road.
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