Raft Mountain

elevation: 2,449 m.  height gain: 640 m.
area: Clearwater,BC
map 82 M/12

Ref: Kamloops Trails


At the lower trailhead, the sign discourages driving further.
Scramble: RT 3.0; 1.25 up. Most hikers will forgo Raft Mountain for Trophy Peaks when they visit Wells Gray Provincial Park; however, this outing grants good access, a nice trail, great views, and the possibility to "up the ante" with a ridgeline traverse. The hike to the summit isn't long or difficult; it's the perfect afternoon trip. When we went, time constraints only allowed us to hike to the summit; we had to forgo the loop extension. That weekend, the temperature was hot, so we booked a campsite close to the water; unfortunately, it wasn't near the mountain. After a lazy morning, we drove  back to Clearwater and located the well-marked access road to the trailhead; we started hiking early afternoon. The hike was very short on a nice trail that quickly exits the forest and climbs steeply through open meadows. I wish I could say it was delightful, but the bugs were fierce; we had to hustle most of the way. Once on the ridge, a breeze luckily kept them at bay. We enjoyed the view while hiking to the top; it was neat to look at Trophy Peaks. Most of the snow had melted by now; we were there 3 weeks ago when it was still snowbound. After a good break by the summit cairn, we headed down. We decided to visit Dutch Lake for a quick swim before our long drive home. This was a great summer weekend.

road to upper trailhead

Hiking the short stretch of road to the upper trailhead.

upper trailhead

The start of the trail.

open terrain

The path goes through open terrain.

steedy climb

It's a steedy climb to the ridge.

repeater ahead

The repeater is visible on the ridge.

on the ridge

Reaching the ridge.

looking back

Looking back with Dunn Peak in the background.

summit in sight

The summit is in sight.

almost there

Almost there.

kidney lake

Kidney Lake below the cliffs on the northern aspect.

trophy peaks

To the north Trophy Peaks are a popular destination in Wells Gray Provincial Park.

summit cairn

The summit cairn is a skip and a hop away!

crystal lake

Kidney Lake (left) and Crystal Lake.

arriving at the summit

Arriving at the summit.

seymour range

To the east are the impressive northern Monashee Mountains of the Seymour Range.

dunn peak

Dunn Peak south of us.

nice break

Taking a nice break at the top.

ridgeline traverse

The ridgeline traverse grants some scrambling sections.

willis lake

The far end of the ridgeline traverse descends towards Willis Lake.

gold peak

Gold Peak is the highest summit between Seymour Pass and the Thompson River(s).

heading down

Heading down.
Picture courtesy of Milan Kubik.


Enjoying the "bug-free" ridge.

dutch lake

Finishing the trip with a nice swim in Dutch Lake, which overlooks Raft Mountain.
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