Privateer Mountain

elevation: 2,345 m. height gain: 360 m. (from the ATV trail jct)
area: Donald,BC map 82 N/11-N/14

From Golden, drive west on highway 1 and exit at Donald. Head north on the Bush River FSR (gravel). Continue in a north-westerly direction staying on the main road, keeping track of the yellow kilometer markers along the side; turn right on the Hope-Goodfellow service road at the 55 marker, 705355. Drive a little over 6 kilometers to a washout, 743320, park here. Bike or use an ATV for the rest of the way. Continue 9 kilometers on the road until you reach an intersection at a broad saddle, 795302; head west along Privateer Mountain. It's another 2.5 kilometers to the turn-off on the skid road used by ATVs, 778310; some riders make it within meters of the summit. In the winter it is possible to reach the summit on a snowmobile starting from the Bush River FSR but stable snow conditions are required, the Hope-Goodfellow FSR crosses several large avalanche paths.

Troubadogs ready to go!

parking the quad

Parked on a landing.
Hike: RT 4.5; 1.75 up. The weather for the weekend looked a little unsettled so we decided to plan an easy dog trip; every dog must have his day! We were unaware an ATV trail continued beyond treeline from a skid road, we plotted our way up following the south-east ridge and parked a kilometer short of the intersection to the ATV trail. The dogs were excited to visit a new place and thrilled to get off the quad. Right away, they found a puddle to play in. We hiked in treed terrain for a short distance before reaching a naturally open swath; the landscape was fabulous for the dogs. The swath brought us to the very broad ridge with open meadows composed of grasses, flowers and small shrubbery. Shortly thereafter, we stepped onto the ATV trail. We had a really good idea where the trail was coming from, we would follow it on the way down. The dogs were stimulated, running all over the place; Fab and I were joyful just watching them. We casually made our way to the summit, stopping often to dispense treats. At the top, we laid down a bunch of fleece for them to lie on. We leashed them, which means break time; they drank 2 liters of water between them and ate more kibbles before a good nap. We treasured the moment with our hounds and took advantage of the quiet time to enjoy our local mountains. Fabrice looked for a register but didn't find one so he placed one in the cairn. We started heading down when the dogs woke and started acting restless. We casually carried on, I was amazed at Daisy's spunk since she suffers from arthritis. It was fantastic terrain for them and we could easily keep an eye on them. The quad trail led us back to the Goodfellow road, 15 minutes of walking took us to the quad. We loaded everybody and stopped at a large patch of snow to top off the fine excursion. This trip was exactly what the doctor ordered!!!
dogs and puddles

Doggies and puddles are a sure combination.

rupert is always near

Rupert is always at our heels for a stick.

open swath

A lovely open swath leads to the broad ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

treat time

Treat time.

finding a quad trail

We find a quad trail and celebrate by dispensing more treats!

summit in view

The summit comes into view.

rupert and lincoln

Rupert, Lincoln, are you hot dogs?

fine trekking

Fine trekking with the furbies, the weather isn't that bad.

at the top

At the top, I'm ready to greet the dogs.

sharing my passion

Thrilled to share my passion for the mountains with our pack.

priorities first

Priorities first.

break time

Leashes on, fleeces down, break time!

rupert my lil' pup

Rupert will always be my little pup.

out for the count

Daisy's out for the count!

looking north-east

Looking north-east over Corsair Mountain, the tall one in the clouds is Rostrum Peak.

heading down

Heading down with Felucca Mountain in the background.

on the quad trail

Nice quad trail.

back on the main road

Back on the main road.

nearing the quad

15 minutes later, we're at the quad.

enjoying a snowpatch

Snowpatches are a novelty during summer months.

ride down

Ready for the ride down.
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