Pious Peak GR:787748

elevation: 2,510 m.
height gain: 975 m. (includes height loss)
area: Craigellachie,BC
map 82 M/2

Just east of Craigellachie, locate Avoca West on the north side of the highway. Shortly after, take a left onto Perry River FSR (labeled North Fork), 808509. Stay on the main road; just passed the 20 km marker, take a left on the Mustang Lodge access road (5200 Road), 825682. The 11-kilometer road consists of a series of switchbacks that climb steadily to the lodge at 1,740 meters, 801706; park there. Find the cat track behind the shop (see pictures); the skid road leads to the broad ridge above the lodge. Once on the ridge, take note of the area to relocate the cat track on the way down. Head in a northerly direction to a highpoint, 794722; descend to the saddle, then follow the south ridge. Near the summit, bluffs bar the way. The easiest route is via the west ridge. It is possible to access the summit from the east side; however, that route requires route finding and is more suitable for the way down.


This signage is posted shortly after turning onto the access road.

mustang lodge

Mustang Powder Cat-skiing Lodge.
Scramble: RT 6.5; 3.0 up. My visit to this mountain was thoroughly spontaneous. After a failed attempt on Probity Peak last weekend due to a flat tire and endless days of working in 30+ weather, I decided to take a weekday off. I quickly planned this outing during the evening. Pious Peak appeared to be a good candidate as it is relatively close to Salmon Arm. Also, its trailhead at Mustang Powder Cat-skiing Lodge would most likely grant access on a decent road. Indeed, the road to the lodge is in good shape; I parked after a 2-hour drive. The caretaker came out to inquire about my visit; he informed me of the cat track heading to the top of the ridge, which eliminates all bushwhacking. Once on the broad ridge, a straightforward plod through treeline and high alpine meadows delivered me to a highpoint where I got a great view of the objective. From there, I dipped to the saddle and began climbing toward Pious Peak. While I gained height on the south ridge, trees gave way to rocky terrain. Near the summit, bluffs bar the way; there are a couple of options, an easy ascent via the west ridge or a short-sighted climb from the east side. I chose the easier route. After dropping down from the ridge, I traversed to a gully to gain the west ridge; the terrain was steep but not as loose as expected. After some easy scrambling, I reached the top, took numerous pictures, and enjoyed a nice break. I scoped out the north-east ridge and decided to descend that way. I had noticed the possibility of following a snow ramp back onto the south ridge earlier when bluffs interrupted my ascent. So I scrambled down and negotiated a short stretch of drift snow onto the south-east facing slopes; then, I started making my way through minor rockbands towards the snow ramps below. A prominent notch provides a simple passage back onto the ridge. That descent worked well and granted a nice loop. Backtracking was pleasant; even on the short, steep climb from the saddle, I used a skid road that wasn't visible from the highpoint. I resumed carefree hiking along the broad ridge and located the cat track. In a short time, I was back at the lodge. I met with the caretaker and mechanics to give them a quick update regarding the telemetry's condition. After petting the dog, I headed home. This lofty Anstey Range summit is easy to access; it ranks high on the enjoyment scale; highly recommended!

the shop building

The cat track begins behind the building on the left.

start of cat track

Look for a skid road in the trees.

cat track

Following the cat track to the ridge.

broad ridge

The broad ridge grants pleasant hiking through open terrain.

tiny ponds

Tiny ponds dot the ridge.

highpoint ahead

Pious Peak comes into view beyond the highpoint ahead.

looking back

Looking back at the lodge.

anstey peak

To the south, Anstey Peak looks imposing.

pious peak

The objective from the highpoint.

descent to saddle

A short descent to a saddle is required.

south ridge

Resuming the ascent on the south ridge.

bluffs bar the way

Further up, the ridge is broken; the easiest way is via the west ridge (red arrow).

traversing scree slopes

Traversing scree slopes to the west ridge.

gully to ridge

A straightforward gully leads to the ridge.

west ridge

Upper terrain on the west ridge.

beautiful tarns

Beautiful tarns to the west.

at the top

Mustang Lodge's telemetry is anchored at the top.

looking down south ridge

Looking down along the south ridge.

probity peak

The highest and northmost summit of the Anstey Range, Probity Peak.

north-eastern view

The north-eastern view includes glaciated summits of the Cat Group.

alternate descent

The north-east ridge is my alternate descent route.

snow ramps

Aiming for the snow ramps.

complex terrain

Looking back up.

snow ramps connect to ridge

The snow ramps connect to the south ridge.

anstey peak

Anstey Peak's northern aspect is impressive.

looking back at the summit

Looking back at the summit.

notch leads to ridge

I regained the south ridge through the notch ahead.

notch from ridge

This is where I crested back onto the ridge.

resuming my descent

Continuing my descent on the ridge.

skid road on highpoint

A skid road is visible on the upper section of the highpoint.

back on broad ridge

Back on the broad ridge with the lodge in sight on the left.

cat track ahead

Recognizing the area where the cat track merges onto the ridge.

nice doggy

The lodge's friendly ambassador.
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