Pinto Mountain

elevation: 2,550 m.
height gain: 855 m.
area: Invermere,BC map 82 J/12

Ref: Aaron Cameron and Matt Gunn's Hikes around Invermere & the Columbia River Valley. along the way
Along the way.
Scramble: Nice fall day and a fairly short drive from home. Good terrain for the doggy, lots of grasses and not too blocky. The summit ridge was not narrow, the pooch did great. I think he really likes these trips. on the ridge
On the summit ridge.
winston posing
Winston's waiting for us.
the top
At the summit.
summit ridge
The summit ridge is straightforward.
are you coming
Are you coming?
on the ridge
Along the ridge. 
looking down the gully
The top of the access gully.
coming down
Descending on lovely terrain.
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