Perley Rock

elevation: 2,393 m. height gain: 1,140 m.
area: Rogers Pass,BC map 82 N/3-N/6

Ref: Chic Scott's Summits and Icefields 2; Alpine ski tours in the Columbia Mountains. at the start
Perley Rock is visible from the start; it's the knob left center.
Ski touring: RT 8.0; 5.5 up. As spring conditions arrive, the snowpack has stabilized enough to take the skis out again and head up them hills! We had several objectives lined up in Rogers Pass but we had to pick a trip that didn't require a permit to avoid waiting for the Discovery Center to open. Early starts are part of spring trips, especially when you're not the fastest group around... The weather was phenomenal; blue bird, no wind and a good overnight freeze. We followed the uptrack and picked our way towards the frozen waterfall. The snow was very firm, keeping an edge on the steep terrain was difficult but we managed without crampons. As we crested on the bench that precedes Perley Rock, the sun finally was upon us; it felt really warm all of a sudden! The snowpack was stable, we climbed to Perley Rock enjoying the fantastic scenery. Charles and I dropped our packs, thinking we'd arrived at the top. Fab said " this isn't it guys... the topo map indicates we have to drop down and continue for a kilometer to another highpoint 200 meters higher". I had my doubts but we decided to go further just in case. Some research confirmed the first highpoint is Perley Rock; I guess we went above and beyond on this one! We reached the second highpoint and sat down on some rock. We were surrounded by glacier and majestic mountains; the sun was beaming down and still no wind, I didn't want to leave. As we lingered, we started to think about the softening snow covering the steep terrain near the waterfall. We reluctantly readied ourselves for the descent. Skiing was a bit tricky, the snow was very firm all the way down to treeline. I didn't mind the scrapy turns, it granted a couple of comical moments along the way. Once below the waterfall, we stopped for another fine break; this day was way too nice to simply head out. Thanks again to my partners in crime for another great day in the mountains! along the drainage
Following the uptrack through the forest.
good travel
Travel is good on this fine day with a good overnight freeze.
Picture courtesy of Charles.
getting closer
Getting closer to the frozen waterfall.
frozen waterfall
Ascending climber's right of the frozen waterfall.
steep terrain
Steep terrain above the frozen waterfall; the very firm surface was challenging without ski crampons.
making our way up
Making our way up and around a feature at treeline.
stepping in the sunshine
About to step in the sunshine.
feeling the warth
The warth of the sun is welcome.
Picture courtesy of Charles.
perfect conditions
Conditions are perfect!
perley rock ahead
Perley Rock ahead.
last bit
Last steps to Perley Rock.
Picture courtesy of Charles.
perley rock
Fab tells us that the topo map indicates Perley Rock is further up but I had my doubts.
Picture courtesy of Charles.
continuing beyond
Continuing past Perley Rock.
reaching our highpoint
About to reach our highpoint at about 2,600 meters; 200 meters higher than Perley Rock.
mounts fox and dawson
Mounts Fox and Dawson south of us.
mount bonney
Mount Bonney behind the Asulkan and Dome Glaciers.
ready for the descent
Ready for the descent.
back to perley rock
Skiing back down to Perley Rock.
decent skiing
Decent skiing from Perley Rock.
more skiing
More of the same.
firm snow above the waterfall
The snow is still very firm above the frozen waterfall...
another great adventure
Another great adventure in the mountains!
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