Peerless Mountain (Horseshoe Loop)

elevation: 4,068 m.  height gain: 50 m.
area: Fairplay,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Mount Sherman,
        CO 39106B2

peerless is diminutive

Peerless Mountain is diminutive compared to the surrounding mountains.
Hike: RT 9.5 (includes Horseshoe Mountain and Finnback Knob); 1.5 up from Finnback Knob. Today was perfect, I had climbed the Boudoir Couloir on Horseshoe Mountain and had done a side trip to Finnback Knob under a calm blue sky. How convenient that the last objective of the day was a freebie summit just along the way, so much so that it almost feels unfair counting it as a unique summit! Peerless Mountain is located between Horseshoe Mountain and Mount Sheridan, the standard route for Horseshoe passes right by the diminutive bump. On my way down, I dropped my pack at the saddle and booted up it, taking only 10 minutes to reach the highpoint. The view is nice from there, I took some pics and went back down. Understandably the sense of accomplishment wasn't considerable but just like in life, some things come easy and some with much hardship; I embrace "freebies" once in awhile. After grabbing another bite, I headed down the mountain. I basically beelined to the basin below where I used snowmobile tracks to facilitate my exit. Looking back towards the couloir was especially satisfying, the snow climb was by far the highlight of this loop. The final slog on the road was slow, it was really hot outside and the snow was soft. I was really pleased to see the truck and shed some layers. This loop had been a fine push, so thrilled I could rest now!

northern sawatch range

The northern Sawatch Range and Turquoise Lake beyond Finnback Knob.

freebie summit

Peerless Mountain is definitely a "freebie" summit!

looking back

Looking back at Horseshoe Mountain.

short ascent

Peerless' ascent takes a whole 10 minutes.

at the top

At the top with Mounts Sheridan (left) and Sherman with Dyer Mountain in the middle.

horseshoe mountain

Horseshoe Mountain again.

pikes peak

Pikes Peak to the east.

finnback knob

Finnback Knob with Mounts Elbert (middle) and Massive (right).

my uptrack in the couloir

On the way down I'm getting a view of the couloir and my uptrack.

easy descent

Easy descent from Peerless Mountain.

close up of the boudoir couloir

A close up of the Boudoir Couloir, loved that climb!!

more of the descent

More of the descent.

peerless mountain

Looking back up at mighty Peerless Mountain.

adjacent basin

An adjacent basin south of the horseshoe-shaped cirque, Boudoir Couloir is not on this picture.

boudoir couloir again

Here's another good look from further down.

bye bye horseshoe

Bye bye Horseshoe Mountain, it's been a slice!

leavick site

Leavick Site with an old decrepit mill.
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