Pearl Necklace (Dg6) GR:983716 

elevation: 2,690 m. height gain: 1,170 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/2-3

Park at the 12 Mile Creek trailhead, described in Golden Hikes. Follow the north fork trail and description for the Upper Falls (past Certainty Mine trail junction). Once above the waterfall, continue north-west over a scree shoulder, 987701. From there, head down towards a small pond at the base of the south-west face of Pearl then pick a line up grasses and scree to the summit, 983716.
at the start

A bridge at the start.
Scramble: Beautiful weather and awesome company, we're off to do one of the nicest peaks seen from Golden. It is very nice hiking, the terrain following the upper waterfall is stunning. Although the idea of having to gain back elevation after coming down from the summit may deter the faint of heart, the scree is firm and the ascent up the shoulder is painless. We have great memories of our spaniel Winston rolling into the snow in the tiny pond at the base of the summit and of course the sloughs below the waterfall. We could see him spring in the air, ears all over the place! Great little bush dog. Thanks for all the wonderful and precious moments.
lower trail

The lower part of the trail.

heading for the waterfall

The waterfall comes into sight.

closer to the waterfall

The waterfall up ahead.

the waterfall

At the base of the waterfall.

going above the waterfall

Heading above the waterfall, climber's left.

up the scree

Above the waterfall we ascend the scree shoulder.

winston in snow

Winston cooling off.


Pearl Necklace from the top of the scree shoulder.

winston cooling off

Winston in the water at the base of Pearl's ascent slope.

summit slope

On the summit slope; our approach and return can be seen in the background.

at the top

The summit of Pearl Necklace.
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