Numa Mountain

elevation: 2,731 m. height gain: 1,507 m.
area: Kootenay Park,BC map 82 N/1

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
at the start

Sunny start to the day.
Snowshoe trip: RT 8.0; 5.0 up. After a cool, wet month of May, we're looking forward to the "dog days" of summer. The forecast improved through the week enabling us to have an unexpectedly warm and dry outing. This trip is straightforward. We enjoyed the trail and the feeling of openness due to the lack of foliage in the trees. The "stone sofa" indicates the ascent gully; a break there is a must since 1000 meters of height gain remain! The climb is steady and pleasant, no bushwhacking. We used our snowshoes but only to traverse to the saddle preceding the final slope; we stayed above the snow on the way down. The last stretch on snow was good and we saw lots of goat tracks. At the top, the view is great. The sheer faces of the mountains along the Rockwall Trail are impressive. Floe Lake is hidden from the top but seems snowbound for a while longer. The clouds were rolling-in and we thought we heard wait, it's an avalanche off Foster. On the way down, although the sky was now overcast, I couldn't help to be thankful for the mild temperature. Another very good day out in the mountains.
numa barely visible

A multitude of seedlings thrive after the recent forest fire.


Crossing Vermilion River.

nice trail

Nice trail and unhindered view through the sticks.

stone sofa

The comfortable stone sofa at the base of the ascent gully.

ascent gully

The gully looks straightforward.

flat shale

Hiking on the flat shale is pleasant.

left of bluffs

We stayed closer to the bluffs (climber's right) on the way down.

higher up

The gully is indeed relentless but still quite enjoyable.

objective in sight

Numa ahead, we traversed on snowshoes to the saddle.

final slope

Last stretch.

snow slope

Looking back nearing the summit ridge.

summit ridge

A couple of minutes away!

at the top

Self-timed summit picture.


Looking north-east, Mount Ball on the left.

foster peak

A black and white of Foster Peak.


At ease on the summit, we took a good break.

heading back

Coming down is quick!

no snowshoes required

We decided to stay above the snow.

burnt tree

Crouched in a burnt tree.
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