Mount Norman

elevation: 2,514 m. height gain: 1,020 m.
area: Brisco,BC map 82 K/16

Find the Kindersley-Pinnacle FSR on the east side of highway 95, 16.5 kilometers north of Radium. Follow the well-used gravel road, staying left at the 7 kilometer marker, 628241 (ignore the Kindersley FSR to the right). Just past the 15 kilometer marker, go right. Continue for nearly 10 kilometers to the Diana Lake trailhead, 540352. Hike the popular trail to Mount Norman's major south facing avalanche path, 550366, about 2.5 kilometers from the trailhead. The slide path directly leads to the east ridge and summit with no difficulty. Variations through the upper bluffs seem to be possible. ***Try to time your trip so you can take advantage of the remaining firm snow!***
diana lake trailhead

Diana Lake trailhead.
Scramble: RT 7.0; 3.25 up. Once again, we weren't too sure what would be the outcome of this outing. The only information we found was a trip report from Rick Collier but we were planning an entirely different route. Our goal was to hike the trail that heads to Diana Lake for a couple of kilometers and simply go up Mount Norman's major south facing avalanche path; we hoped the gully would be filled with firm snow at some point. Our drive in was uneventful; the service road has potholes but otherwise it is in decent shape. We parked at the trailhead and casually hiked on the trail. There is a bit of deadfall on the popular trail but it's manageable. In less than an hour, we reached the recognizable run out zone of the slide path we came to ascend. We were thrilled to see it filled with old avalanche debris its whole length! We felt very lucky, 750 meters of height gain on continuous snow meant a delightful ascent and an insane glissade!!! Still, there was no guarantee we would reach the summit. We had a quick break as we put on our crampons. Climbing the firm snow was consistently great. The grade of the gully was perfect; although it seemed very steep near the top, we didn't feel the need to use our alpine axe. As we neared the crest of the east ridge, we veered climber's left, ascending more snow slopes. To our surprise and disbelief, as soon as we stepped off the snow, the cairn appeared. Wow, how sweet is that! While Fab checked for a register, I ventured on the other summit to the south, just minutes away. After rejoining with Fab, we had lunch; the weather was fine, the view fantastic. The ascent and summit stay were very enjoyable, coming down the mountain was even better! The descent was truly one of the best glissades I've experienced. The conditions were excellent and the lengthy snow run did not disappoint; I laughed and yelled the whole way back down to the trail! I really recommend this trip; short and very sweet!
aluminium bridge

A nice aluminium bridge at the start.

trail leaves the old road

The trail leaves the old road and heads east along the foot of Mount Norman.

nearing our ascent gully

Nearing our ascent gully.

major slide path

The major slide path is filled with firm snow from the trail to the ridge crest!

750 meters of height gain on snow

Starting up 750 meters of height gain on continuous snow.

delightful ascent

The ascent is quite delightful, as good as it gets.

i'm loving it!

I'm all smiles.

awesome gully

More of this awesome snow gully.

getting closer

Getting close to the ridge crest.

aiming for snow

Aiming for the snow in the middle.

great conditions

Great conditions for kicking steps.

going around bluffs

Making our way around bluffs.

route we chose

The route we chose is indicated with an arrow.


Shortcut on some rock.

more snow

Climbing more snow!

minutes from the top

A few minutes away from the top.

norman's east ridge

The view beyond Mount Norman's east ridge.

at the cairn

The cairn appears as we step off the snow.

west of the valley

The west side of the Columbia Valley.

norman ridge

Norman Ridge to the north.

a quick side trip

A quick jaunt to the neighboring peak.

the judge

Fab poses with The Judge in the background.

view south

A nice unnamed peak to the south.

leaving the top

Time to head down.

fun and fast

Fun and fast.


The gully is visible, it runs all the way down to valley bottom.

columbia valley

Columbia Valley to the south.

fast glissade

One of the best glissades ever!!! Click on the picture to see a short movie.


Operational aqueduct along the service road.
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