Nomad, Mount GR:266137

elevation: 2,544 m. height gain: 1,000 m. (includes height loss)
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/11

Ref: Gillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 1.
upper kananaskis lake

Upper Kananaskis Lake.
Scramble: RT 9.0; 4.75 up. The decent forecast lured us to visit the Kananaskis for a second time this fall. With minimal snow on the ground, we planned a moderately long trip and invited Charles to join us. We met at the Interlakes parking lot fairly early and started hiking along the Upper Kananaskis Lake. A brisk pace led us to a small bridge where we left the popular trail to find a network of old skid roads. We aimed for the ridge crest, following those roads whenever possible while negotiating deadfall and steep terrain. Once on the ridge, we encountered snow and more deadfall. We managed to travel with ease to a gully that leads to Invincible Lake and Mount Nomad on the northern aspect of the ridge; the steep gully was plastered with knee-deep snow. Following a short glissade, we continued towards Nomad's south ridge. The snow diminished as we progressed on the rocky slopes; the ascent was short and easy. In little time, we reached the summit. The wind wasn't too bothersome and the sun began peering through the clouds; we stayed at the top to enjoy the view and take advantage of this fine fall day. After about an hour, we headed back down. Even though we were aware that a trail going back up the ridge existed, we decided to backtrack up the steep gully instead of plowing through untracked snow. We took another break on the ridge to bask in the sun before resuming our trek. Mount Nomad is a good fall objective offering a satisfying hike and beautiful scenery.

mount putnik

The moon is setting over Mount Putnik.

old skid roads

Following old skid roads.

nearing the ridge crest

Nearing the ridge crest.

deadfall and snow

Negotiating deadfall and snow on the ridge.

looking back

Looking back.

mount nomad

Mount Nomad in the foreground on the right.

along the ridge

Along the ridge with the south end of Hermione Peak ahead.

finding a descent gully

Hiking to an appropriate descent gully.

aiming for nomad's south ridge

Aiming for Nomad's south ridge.

down the gully

Making our way down the steep gully.

pleasant hiking

Pleasant hiking in shallow snow.

invincible lake

Invincible Lake is already frozen.

short and easy

Short and easy.

going up

Here we go!

summit ridge

On the summit ridge, Mount Warspite in the background.

at the top

Fabrice and Charles at the top.


Posing next to the cairn.

on the way down

Mount Invincible on the way down.

back up the gully

Returning the way we came.

knee-deep snow

Knee-deep snow in the gully.

approach ridge

Back on the approach ridge.

golden larches

Lovely golden larches illuminated by sunshine.

heading down

Heading down to the trail.
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