Niles, Mount

elevation: 2,972 m. height gain: 1,350 m.
area: Yoho Park,BC map 82 N/8-9

Ref: Alan Kane's Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies sherbrooke lake
Going around Sherbrooke Lake with Mount Niles in sight.
Scramble: RT: 11.5; 5.25 up. Another splendid day out in the mountains. The weather was perfect, not a cloud all day and minimal wind. Fab and I took our sweet time, enjoying every minute of this real summer day. The hike in to Niles Meadow is facilitated by an excellent trail, within 2.5 hours we reached the beautiful area. The ascent up Mount Niles is pleasant and straightforward. After climbing the ascent drainage, we aimed for the pinnacle; it is possible to avoid the boulder field by going wide, climber's left. From the impressive pinnacle, we followed a trail up the upper mountain. The views along the way are breathtaking. We reached the top with no difficulty and after dropping our packs, we started to roam, taking numerous pictures. The sun was warm with little wind; we were able to indulge at the summit. Following a lengthy 2 hour break, it was time to slowly make our way down. Instead of retracing our steps around the pinnacle, we went down a loose gully for a fast descent to the boulder field. We skirted the field, came down the drainage and reached Niles Meadow in time for another nice pause. Fab started to take his camera apart to dry it out; dropping a 400$ camera in the water is not recommended! Eventually though, we started the trek out; we figured if we left at 4 PM, we would be home for "kibble time". The return was fine, having shade from the trees and a trail. We will gladly come again someday to revisit Niles Meadow and possibly ascend Mount Daly! good trail
A good trail through the shrubs.
A beautiful waterfall along the way.
niles meadow
Niles Meadow, the ascent drainage and the pinnacle, all lined up!
ascent drainage
Heading up the drainage.
looking back
Looking back.
The sun is shining on the pinnacle.
going around the pinnacle
We ascended climber's right of the pinnacle.
bluffs ahead
Making our way to the crest of these bluffs.
view across yoho valley
Mount Carnarvon and The Presidents across Yoho Valley.
on a trail
As seen from the crest of the bluffs, we continue on a trail.
closer look
A closer look.
a look down
A look down from the trail which is running along a slab.
at the top
At the top with shorts and T-shirt weather, yippee!
great view
Mount Balfour and Daly Glacier.
des poilus and collie
Mont Des Poilus (left) and Mount Collie (right).
no shelter needed
No need to take shelter, just taking in spectacular views.
cathedral and the goodsirs
Cathedral Mountain and The Goodsirs in the background.
lake that feeds takkakaw falls
The opaque lake feeding Takakkaw Falls.
time to leave
 It's time to head down after a long summit stay.
emerald lake is visible
Emerald Lake is visible (top center).
Short-cut down a loose gully.
fast and easy
Fast and straightforward.
the pinnacle and the gully
Another look at the pinnacle and the short-cut gully (center).
on a plateau
After skirting the boulder field, we hiked on a small plateau.
back to niles meadow
Back to Niles Meadow.
along the lake
Along the lake, Mounts Victoria and Huber in the distance.
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