Mosquito Mountain GR:505261

elevation: 2,977 m. height gain: 1,142 m.
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/9

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies II
still dawn

Evelyn (front) and I.
Ski touring: RT 8.5; 5.5 up. Fab and I decided it was time to do a ski touring trip to be able to gage our level of fitness on skis. I invited a very good friend, Evelyn. The forecasted flurries and cold temperature made us a little apprehensive, considering the length of the trip. As we left the house, we could see the moon through very light flurries. On highway 93, the snow stopped and made way to clear sky. When I stepped out of the car I was expecting bitterly cold temperature, but to my surprise, it was quite nice with no wind at all. We met with Ev and were on our way by 7:30 AM. We were counting on a packed trail to Mosquito campground; indeed, there was a well-used one. We soon reached the campground and proceeded further on the trail looking for a good line of ascent. Fab started breaking a trail through the light timber of the south-west slopes. It was not the best conditions, some steps punched down in the sugar snow; I don't recall seeing such a shallow snowpack for this time of the year. Fab continued but expressed later he had doubts we would make it to the top. However, within 20 minutes of leaving the main trail, we came across an up-track. We were quite joyful, I was in disbelief of this blessing!!! We assumed it probably climbed to treeline and stopped. A hard trail breaking session turned into an easy plod. At treeline the terrain flattens, we took a nice break savoring the sun and our surroundings. The up-track continued climber's right of a gully. We followed onto shallow, wind-affected snow to the ridge where we decided to take our skis off. The summit plod was nice with good footing on rock and stiff snow. The weather started to move in slowly but the visibility remained good and the picturesque area discernable. It only got windy near the top, almost perfect conditions! Very memorable.... The descent was quick. We even got a couple of good turns on the upper slopes above treeline. Unfortunately, the skiing soon deteriorated and we carefully made our way back to the racetrack.
far objective

Ramp (left) and Mosquito come into view.

the two girls

The girls looking at the objective.

on the way

Further along the trail, Quartzite Peak is now visible.


Almost at the campground.

the sun is up

The up-track through lightly timbered slopes.

it levels off

The terrain flattens; the up-track continues climber's right of the gully ahead.

ascent slopes

Part of the track can be seen, right of center.

ev coming up

Above treeline.

awesome day

Looking towards Molar Mountain, far right.


Noseeum Mountain.

looking back

Our approach and Bow Peak.

uptrack ahead

The upper slopes.

heading for the ridge

Trudging up on thin snow towards the summit ridge.


Dolomite in the background.

final stretch

Wind loaded slopes before the summit.

southern view

Mount Hector can be seen, far right.

now on foot

We are finishing on foot.

still nice

Molar and Hector are now obscured.

last steps

Very pleasant final stretch.

at the top

Finally, the summit of Mosquito.

quartzite and ramp

Nice view of Quartzite and Ramp.


Northern view, looking down Pipestone.

south-east ridge

South-east ridge.

southern view

Unnamed Peak.
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