Moonraker Peak

elevation:2,836 m.  height gain: 110 m. (from the Dogtooth-Moonraker Col)
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/6

Via the Dogtooth-Moonraker Col, see directions for Dogtooth Peak. heading up moonraker
Heading up Moonraker Peak.
Scramble: RT 18.25 (includes Dogtooth Peak); 0.5 up. Rejoined with Fabrice and Sonny at the col after visiting Dogtooth Peak, we headed up short but steep Moonraker Peak. Fabrice and Sonny had discussed a possible route, I followed their lead. As we drew closer, the grade seemed to lessen. We traversed below the summit block at the top of the snowpatch and climbed steep rubble to the summit. On this small climb, Fab managed to cut his hand and Sonny suffered a nosebleed. At the top, I think we were all too tired to feel elated. I took a couple of summit pictures and that's about it. Inspired by Sonny, I wrote a limerick in the register while trying to eat my unpalatable sandwich; it's fair to say we were knackered. We stayed for a somewhat pressed break and left after 5:30. Back at the col, we strapped on the crampons again, even if we were on rock at first. The descent in the shade was nice. We continued to the outflow we'd crossed earlier; we filled our bottles once more and had another well-deserved break. The sun was setting as we progressed back up Dawn Mountain, I was doubtful we would make it around the lake before dark. We negotiated the awkward traverse below the cornice and carried on to the Gorman-Holt Col where we got out the headlamps. The descent on snow was easy but finding the trail in the boulders and rocks below proved slightly challenging; we had a general idea of its location and eventually, we stumbled on it. Once on the trail, we hiked in cruise control mode making it back to the truck in time to scare away a critter. As Fab reached for the keys, he noticed pieces of wiring and plastic on the ground; it was a quill pig feasting on our truck. Fab did a quick check looking for leaks before driving off. It turns out the porcupine had chewed transmission, brake and 4X4 vacuum lines... We'll be jotting this under price of admission as well! traversing
Traversing below the summit block.
last stretch
Last stretch.
view south
View south.
summit picture
Squeezing a smile for a summit picture.
dogtooth peak
A good view onto Dogtooth Peak's easy connecting ridge.
down the bowl
With crampons back on, we head down the bowl.
last glimpse
Last glimpse at Moonraker Peak.
loose rubble
Crampons are actually not too bad in the loose rubble.
back on firm snow
Back on firm snow.
crampons balling up
Dealing with crampons balling up.
short glissade
A short glissade.
crossing the outflow
Crossing the outflow after filling our bottles again.
dawn mountain
Dawn Mountain is still in the sun.
valley bottom
Back to the valley bottom.
looking back
Looking back as we ascend Dawn Mountain for the second time today.
gentle ascent
The west ridge is mercifully gentle.
The sun sets as we near the highpoint.
down dawn mountain
Along the north ridge, heading to the Gorman-Holt Col.
holt drainage
Down into Holt's upper draw.
last uphill
The col, our last uphill.
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