Mobley, Mount

elevation: 2,066 m.
height gain: 90 m. (from Crowfoot Mountain)
area: Celista,BC
map 82 M/3

Ref: Recreation Sites and Trails BC

pleasant walk

Enjoying a pleasant walk to Mount Mobley.
Snowshoe trip: RT 12.75 (includes Crowfoot Mountain); 2.5 up from Crowfoot Mountain. Summiting Mount Mobley was the main goal of this trip. Another point of interest was visiting the Mobley Lookout, which is situated on the edge of the mountainside. The hike from Crowfoot on the plateau was very pleasant; there isn't much height gain and the distance is relatively short. Although clouds had rolled in, it remained mild with the absence of wind. Most snowmobilers were on their way back by now. I gained the summit and took pictures; from there, I could see the lookout close by. The sky had already an orange hue; I carried on without wasting too much time as I wanted to catch the sunset from the lookout. Upon arriving at the cabin, I wasn't surprised to see a group of snowmobilers. I dropped my pack and took more pictures. Following a quick chat with some of the riders, I found a nice spot nearby to set my tent. Before settling in, I enjoyed the rich colours of the sun setting over the surrounding mountains. This is always an additional bonus. The snowmobilers were still inside the tiny cabin; I was really glad I had decided to bring my tent. I ate some food, made myself comfortable then fell asleep quickly; I had a good night. My return didn't seem nearly as long as my ascent. The trek along the plateau was peaceful with no snowmobilers. Furthermore, by the time I reached the steep trails down the mountain, the snow had softened drastically granting excellent whooshing conditions. All and all, this was a good spring trip!

darkening clouds

Looking back, the sun filters through darkening clouds.

gentle rolling hills

Following the groomed trail over gentle rolling hills.

crowfoot mountain

Crowfoot Mountain is well behind me now.

on the summit

On the broad summit of Mount Mobley looking north-east.

mounts begbie and english

Mounts Begbie and English tower above Mount Fowler.

lookout ahead

The lookout sits on the highpoint ahead.

mobley lookout

There's numerous snowmobilers at the Mobley Lookout.

southern view

Southern view with Crowfoot Mountain and Mount Ida on the left.


I'm savouring the sunset.

northern view

Northern view towards Bischoff Peak and Mount Smiley.

my tent

My tent isn't too far from the lookout.


The Anstey Range in the evening alpenglow.

by the cliffs' edge

The lookout is right by a cliff's edge.

last glimpse

Last glimpse of the sunset.

dunn peak

Fabulous colours surround Dunn Peak.

mobley lookout

Mobley Lookout the following morning.

a look inside

A quick look inside.


Backtracking to Crowfoot Mountain.

looking towards sorrento

Mount Hilliam and Black Mountain border the small town of Sorrento.
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