Mistaya Mountain

elevation: 3,078 m. height gain: 1,510 m. (with height loss)
area: Icefields Parkway,AB map 82 N/10

Ref: Vern Dewit's Explor8ion early morning
The moon is setting behind Peyto Peak.
Scramble: RT 13.0 (including Caldron Peak); 5.75 up. Once again, we left Golden in time to drive through the highway's nightly construction closures. We left the parking lot at 4:30 AM. The nearly full moon illuminated our way and cast shadows on the nearby mountains; following the trail was quite easy. The sun came up as we headed above the headwall towards Caldron Lake. After 3.5 hours, we started hiking around the lake to Mistaya's ascent snow gully. We travelled on the snow for a bit; when the top of the ascent gully came into view, the way became apparent. We put on our crampons to proceed up the glaciated slope. The ascent was relatively short and the steeper section is manageable. Once on the broad ridge, the scenery unfolds and is almost unsurpassable. We casually walked to the summit but did not stay for too long, having another objective for the day. The descent was fast; the snow in the gully was softer, good for plunging steps in the steep part. In no time, we stood by our extra gear at the bottom. We picked our way across the meadows contouring towards the lower slopes of Caldron Peak. Very enjoyable outing despite the slight haste! log bridge
Near the canyon, the bridge comes into view.
Going up the moraine on a good trail.
Mistaya peeks above the headwall.
near caldron lake
Above the headwall looking at Mount Patterson.
caldron lake
Caldron Lake sits still on this blue-bird day.
Crossing Caldron Lake's outlet on the naturally tilted strata.
lots of flowers
Heading to the snow gully.
lower gully
Good hiking on the firm suncups.
snow gully
The top of the gully is in sight.
Depleted snow coverage reveals ice and debris.
upper gully
We pulled-out our alpine axe at the bluffs.
near the ridge
The summit ridge ahead.
Mount Baker with Trapper Peak in the foreground.
Peyto Peak and the Wapta Icefield.
fixing the cairn
Mount Patterson behind Fab building up the cairn.
Caldron Peak and several tarns.
Mount Mummery in the Blaeberry, BC.
caldron lake
Caldron Lake.
leaving the top
Another summit picture before leaving.
summit ridge
Descending the broad ridge.
upper gully
Retracing our way down the snow slope.
caldron is next
We contoured towards Caldron Peak's base.
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