Mirror Peak GR:005187

elevation: 2,229 m.  height gain: 610 m.
area: Cherryville,BC
map 82 L/9

Drive on highway 6 to Cherryville. At Frank's General Store, turn left on Sugar Lake Road. Follow this road for about 65 kilometers to the Monashee Powder Snowcats Lodge turn-off, 046202; continue on this road to the lodge, 026190. A hiking trail to Mirror Lake exists, but due to snow cover, we made our way described as follows. From the lodge, hike west on the service road for approx. 70 meters, then veer left on the ATV road, 024190. That leads to the lodge's water intake, 020191. From there, we bushwhacked in a south-west direction for a short distance before ascending towards a saddle indicating Mirror Lake's drainage. Once at the lake, we climbed the slopes to the north and continued to Marble Pass, 005189. We followed Mirror Peak's gentle north ridge to the top.

trail map

Tsuius hiking trail map.

lingering snow

Lingering snow from the beginning.
Hike: RT 6.75; 3.0 up. Mirror Peak is a named minor highpoint on the Monashee cat-ski map. Our intent on this trip was to ascend Tsuius Mountain; however, a long drive to the Monashee Powder Snowcats Lodge resulted in a late start. Additionally, our route to Mirror Lake was quite circuitous and slow. A trail exists, but we decided to make our own way up to the lake because of lingering snow cover. From the lake, we opted to ascend in a northerly direction instead of using the steep snow slopes at the back of the lake; with the kids in tow and no crampons, it seemed to be the best option. Our route added distance as it went around Mirror Peak to its saddle, labeled Marble Pass. It also yielded a bit of excitement as there was some easy scrambling and a couple of snow slopes to surmount the headwall's steep terrain. It's my opinion that the kids enjoyed that section thoroughly. Then we climbed the gentle north ridge, which boasts great views of Tsuius Mountain. It became apparent that our summit bid wouldn't materialize. It was getting late, and the ascent lines required negotiating steep snow slopes. Following a brief stay on Mirror's highpoint, we backtracked to the headwall surrounding Mirror Lake. We tackled the challenging terrain next to the small waterfall and enjoyed boot-skiing the snow slopes to the lake. We took a nice break on big rocks before resuming our descent. We went straight down and followed the drainage instead of backtracking along our traverse in the boulder fields; this proved to be a better route and way faster. Snow cover helped facilitate travel; the trail would be a more sensible option later in the season. We came across the lodge's water intake and followed the ATV road back to the parking lot. This outing was a good experience for the kids and a nice reconnaissance trip for a future summit bid on Tsuius Mountain.

creek crossing

Negotiating a creek crossing.

aiming for the saddle

Aiming for the saddle (center) indicating Mirror Lake's drainage.

boulder fields

Cautiously traversing snow-covered boulder fields.

looking back

Looking back at the Monashee Powder Snowcats Lodge (center).

tsuius mountain

Tsuius Mountain.

mirror lake

Snowbound Mirror Lake is tightly craddled.

mirror peak

Mirror Peak sits north-west of Mirror Lake.

ascending steep terrain

Ascending the steep terrain of the headwall.

snow slope

Steep snow slopes add excitement.

watermelon algea

Watermelon algea is prominent on our way to Marble Pass.

looking back

Looking back.

marble pass

Remnant snow-cat road going over the pass.

snow-cat road

The snow-cat road continues on the west side of Cross Over Mountain.

tsuius's double summit

Tsuius Mountain's double summit.

looking back again

Mirror Lake.

cottonwood peak

East Tsuius Peak (center) and Cottonwood Peak in the far background right of center.

at the top

At the top of Mirror Peak.

tsuius mountain

Tsuius Mountain from the south-west slopes of Mirror Peak.


Descending steep snow to Mirror Lake.


Boot-skiing is always a blast!

a bit of scrambling

A bit of scrambling on the way down Mirror Lake's draw.

water intake

We're back down, over and out.
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