McCrae Peak

elevation: 2,504 m.
height gain: 750 m.
area: Revelstoke,BC
map 82 K/13

Ref: AllTrails

good road

The hike starts on a good road.
Scramble: RT 5.0; 2.5 up. This objective was a plan B ditch effort, concocted late in the evening after realizing that our outing to Probity Peak wasn't going to work out due to an access issue. We were already deep into the wilderness when it dawned on me that driving to Revelstoke wasn't any longer than driving to Salmon Arm; instead of heading home, we could still go to the mountains and ascend McCrae Peak. I knew of this peak because I considered going there with the dogs several years ago. Milan agreed to go along with my suggestion even though it was nearly 11 PM. We drove passed Revelstoke and stopped along Airport Way to catch some needed sleep; a vast roadside pull-off provided a spot to pitch the tent. The following morning, we cooked breakfast and drove to the trailhead. The trail is easy to follow; after a short hike, we reached the upper mountain. The last stretch to the summit appeared difficult; however, as we got closer, the path became clear. Near the glacier, we tackled moderate scrambling on the ridge proper instead of skirting the edge of the snow. It was exciting to travel some challenging terrain before gaining the top. The weather was somewhat unstable; multi-layered clouds shrouded neighbouring peaks, but it was mild and dry. We enjoyed a nice stay at the summit before returning to the truck. We were happy that we had gone ahead with this plan B option; it proved satisfying. This outing doesn't require much effort or planning; it is a great destination.

trail junction

The junction where the trail leaves the road.


There's a memorial next to the path.

mccrae lake junction

Just after the memorial is the junction of McCrae Lake and McCrae Peak.

objective in sight

The objective comes into view.

trail is easy to follow

The trail is pleasant and easy to follow.

unnamed lake

It would be delightful to visit this unnamed lake on a hot day.

nice ridge walk

The ridge walk is enjoyable.

north glacier

Further along, the north glacier is revealed; it is a ski touring destination.

toe of the glacier

The toe of the glacier with Mount Darling north-east of us.

upper glacier

The easiest way to the summit block is skirting the glacier's upper edge.

summit ridge

We're exploring the ridge.

moderate scrambling

The ridge proper grants short sections of moderate scrambling.

brief exposure

There's some brief exposure.

dropping off the ridge

Dropping off the ridge to the easier route on the snow.

summit block

Aiming for the scree gully in the middle of the summit block.

scree gully

Typical terrain on the last stretch.

vast summit

The vast grassy summit.

eastern view

Eastern view, Comaplix Mountain is the only discernable peak.

mount cartier

Mount Cartier (left) and Ghost Peak jutting behind the ridge on the right.

mount sproat

Mount Sproat and Upper Arrow Lake to the south.

mccrae lake

Looking at the unnamed lake in the bedrock; McCrae Lake is on the right.

heading down

We start heading down.

descending the summit block

Descending the summit block.

above the scree gully

Just above the scree gully.

hiking on the ridge

Delightful hiking on the ridge with a great western view across the valley.

back in the trees

Back in the trees.
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