Mary Barclay's Mountain GR:331513

elevation: 2,250 m. height gain: 850 m.
area: Kananaskis,AB map 82 J/14-O/3

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies stoney trail trailhead
Parked at the Stoney Trail trailhead.
Scramble: RT 6.75; 3.25 up. This small mountain is a great early season objective. It is possible to reach the base of the peak directly by wading the Kananaskis River or by following the cutline for 7 kilometers; we chose the latter. We took the Kananaskis Village turn off and parked at the Stoney Trail trailhead. The bike ride is pleasant and casual. After stashing our bikes near the ascent ridge, we proceeded on foot through light timber. We found a good trail higher up, along the ridge; it was nice to be plodding on ground again. Shortly after leaving the bikes, we attained treeline. We were pleased to see the summit ridge free of snow, as it presents some challenge. The ridge is steep and near the top, an exposed section requires hands-on scrambling. Fab had to coax me up the crux; I didn't want to think about coming down... The following stretch seemed easier to negotiate, even if I had to crouch down on a narrow bit. Within minutes, we stood by the cairn, engulfed in cloud. Visibility was near zero and the occasional drizzle made it feel almost eerie. We had a quick break before returning the same way. I faired out better than I thought at the crux; in no time, we were back in the trees where we stopped for a sheltered break. Once again, we enjoyed our day out in K-Country; Mary Barclay is a short, fun scramble! mary barclay's south ridge
It's about 7 kilometers along the cutline to reach Mary Barclay's south ridge.
looking back
Looking back towards The Wedge.
following a good trail
Following a good trail to treeline.
short but impressive
The summit ridge is short but impressive.
low clouds
Low clouds start to move in...
looking back again
Looking back again.
scrambling required
Scrambling is required for the last stretch.
at the crux
Fab's about to tackle the moderately difficult crux.
nearing the top
Nearing the top.
at the cairn
Happy to be at the summit cairn!
view west
View west.
narrow section
Standing on a narrow section of ridge, shortly after leaving the top.
breaking out of the clouds
Breaking out of the clouds.
descending the crux
Descending the crux, Fab makes it look easy...
thumbs up!
Thumbs up for this thrilling short scramble.
north-eastern view
North-eastern view.
last glimpse
Last glimpse at Mary Barclay's steep summit ridge.
the cutline is clearly visible
The road, river and cutline are clearly visible.
back at the cutline
Back at the cutline for a casual ride.
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