Loveland Mountain (LoveBuck Traverse)

elevation: 4,173 m.  height gain: 675 m.
area: Alma,Colorado,USA
map USGS 1:24,000 Alma, CO 39106C1
        & Climax, CO 39106C2

loveland mountain

Loveland Mountain grants an easy climb.
Hike: RT 5.5 (includes Mount Buckskin); 3.5 up. As predicted, the forecast for the weekend wasn't stellar, we threw some ideas around and settled on the Loveland-Buckskin Traverse that Tim appropriately nicknamed the LoveBuck Traverse. I definitely got the feeling that this trip to Colorado was a tribute to 13ers, this would mark 13 of them in 10 days! Like previous outings to the valley east of Leadville, we ate breakfast on the fly while driving to the trailhead. We parked on the Kite Lake access road when we encountered snow, right along Loveland's ridge and eastern slopes. The sky was somewhat hazy when we started hiking, we didn't think much of it at the time. We climbed casually, the snow was mostly supportive and the grassy terrain was pleasant to walk on. When we gained the ridge, we stopped for a quick break before continuing to the summit. This was a very short trek with zero approach and not much height gain. After barely exerting ourselves, we reached the top. The weather had started to change; although there was some blue sky, cumulus clouds were forming fast, some looking dark at the base. Also quite noticeable was the loss of visibility west of us, poor weather was moving in quickly. We didn't linger, we wanted to reach Mount Buckskin before T-storms materialized.

using snow and grasses

Making our way on snow and grasses.
Picture courtesy of Tim Best.

short ascent

Nearing the ridge crest in little time.

democrat, cameron and lincoln

Mounts Democrat, Cameron and Lincoln with snowbound Kite Lake.

tim patiently waits

Tim patiently waits while I take pictures.

summit ridge

Summit ridge.

eastern view

Eastern view past the small town of Alma.

mount silverheels

Mount Silverheels behind Mount Bross' south ridge.

traverse to buckskin

The traverse to Mount Buckskin and the challenging connecting ridge to Mount Tweto (left) and Mount Arkansas (left center).

view south

Looking south towards Mount Sherman and some 13ers (in yellow).

western view

Mosquito Range peaks with some famous Sawatch giants beyond.

at the top

A nice break at the top.

oliver twist and cooney lakes

Oliver Twist Lake (left margin) and Cooney Lake (middle) are snowbound.

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