Lookout Point

elevation: 2,208 m. height gain: 835 m.
area: Kootenay Park,BC map 82 J/12

Drive to Kindersley Pass Trailhead on highway 93, parking is on the south side. We hiked on the trail until we reached a few switchbacks. After four switchbacks, we left the trail, 734134. We bushwhacked up steep south-west facing slopes, aiming for a sub peak, 735146. From the small clearing below the sub peak, we continued heading north until treeline. The summit is only minutes away along the rocky, narrow ridge.

Starting on the Kindersley Pass Trail.
Scramble: RT 8.5; 4.5 up. We have driven past this small peak numerous times and never glanced at it. Lookout Point is not an appealing peak, only its short summit ridge pokes out of the trees. We decided to try an ascent mainly because of its official status; also the distance and height gain seemed reasonable for a bushwhack at this time of the year. The beginning of the trip was easy; we hiked up the Kindersley Pass Trail with very little snow. After a few switchbacks, we left the trail and started bushwhacking up some steep slopes. The ground was frozen with ankle deep snow, we experienced a good deal of slippage. We needed to navigate through some deadfall at first, higher up we continued making our way in deepening snow. We climbed the sub peak unnecessarily. After dropping down a boulder field, we aimed for the summit we couldn't see. The forecast called for clearing but the mountains were shrouded in clouds. Trail breaking got tougher with knee-deep snow. Fab was plowing in front and decided to keep going without snowshoes. Finally, we reached treeline and the rocky ridge. We carefully scrambled onto the narrow, corniced ridge; the last bit required some probing. We enjoyed the view for a brief moment before returning to the trees for shelter and a good lunch break. The sun broke out occasionally.
leaving the trail

Leaving the trail after a few switchbacks.

easy going

Easy going at this point.

nearing a sub peak

Nearing a small sub peak.

sub peak

The sub peak we didn't need to climb from below.


Lots of bunny tracks in this clearing; we can't see the final trudge to the summit.

deeper snow

Deeper snow but still manageable on foot.


Treeline and the summit ridge.

summit ridge

Summit ridge.

straight down

Steep west side.

finally, we see something

Looking back... we finally see our surroundings!

kindersley's south peak

Mount Kindersley's southern peak in the background.

summit picture

At the top.

heading back

Heading back.

back at treeline

Back at treeline, notice the clearing and sub peak below.

nice clouds

Awesome cloud formations, the sun breaks through occasionally.

nice scenery

Very nice scenery.

the top from the clearing

We can see the top from the clearing now!
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