Little Galatea GR:202315

elevation: 2,675 m.  height gain: 870 m.
area: Smith Dorrien/Spray Area,AB map 82 J/14

Ref: Marko Stavric's trip report on ClubTread

rummel lake trail

On the popular well-packed Rummel Lake trail.
Snowshoe trip: RT 6.5; 3.75 up. This marked my first trip on snowshoes of the season, it had also been awhile since I'd been out with Fab and Charles. We met Charles at the trailhead and got on the way on the well-packed trail. We followed the popular trail that leads to Rummel Lake. Just before the trail starts to dip down to the lake, we veered off towards Little Galatea's ascent slopes and followed tracks from previous groups. We reached steep treed terrain in little time, some sections could be hazardous if snow conditions are unstable. Shortly thereafter, we got to some rather treacherous steep terrain that precedes the summit ridge. It was really windy, we stopped at treeline to put extra layers. Following a decent push, we gained the summit ridge and carried on to "the roll". I felt it was safest to stick to the ridge line and avoid traversing on the loaded slope. The short steep pitch was easy, I don't know why people choose to traverse across the roll when it's possible to avoid it... The following plod to the summit was straightforward but not all that pleasant given the cold wind. We didn't stay at the top very long; after a couple of pictures, we backtracked to the trees where we had a good break before resuming our descent.

cairn and flagging

A cairn and a little flag indicate the trail.

veering off trail

We veer towards Little Galatea's ascent slopes just before the trail dips down.

ascending steep terrain

Ascending steep treed terrain.

following a bootpack

Following a good bootpack, no postholing today!

looking back

Looking back.

really windy

It gets really windy as we break out of the trees.

steep and treacherous

Steep and a somewhat treacherous climb to the summit ridge.

summit ridge

On the summit ridge.

ridge is scoured

Minimal snow on the scoured ridge, I chose to take off my snowshoes.

nice cornices

Nice cornices in places.

the roll is ahead

At "the roll" ahead, we'll ascend the ridge line (climber's left) instead of traversing across the slope.

short summit stay

Not the most pleasant summit stay.

reduced visibility

Reduced visibility and obviously windy as hell...

south-west ridge

Galatea's south-west ridge.

heading down

Heading down the upper slopes.

going over the roll

About to go over "the roll".

strong wind

Thinking heavy thoughts so I don't get blown off the ridge.

sheltered break

Sheltered break.
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