Lipsett, Mount GR:470014

elevation: 2,560 m. height gain: 700 m.
area: Highwood Pass,AB map 82 J/10

Ref: Gillean Daffern's Kananaskis Trail Guide.
at the start

The trailhead and the old road. Ski tourers have packed down the snow.
Snowshoe trip: RT 4.75; 3.0 up. The persistent gloomy weather in Golden has motivated us to plan a trip elsewhere. The foothills seemed shielded; clear sky and mild temperature is always appealing. We set off with the dogs for an overnight stay in the area. There is a lot more snow than we expected. Luckily, the old road following the south-east ridge of Lipsett was packed down; the hounds had an easy way but still chose to boot straight through the bush most of the time! Springers love that stuff, unfortunately their featherings ball-up badly in the snow. About halfway, Fab started heading down with the dogs. The dense snowballs tugging their fur required numerous stops to break them apart, it was obvious they needed to go dry out in the car. I put my snowshoes on and continued on the packed road. Conveniently, the road shoulders the ridge on the south-west side in the trees, offering some sun and shelter from the wind. At treeline, I quickly put on my windbreaker and continued to the false summit. From there, the true summit is near. I didn't stay long at the top. I took pictures of these awesome mountains and remembered our pooch Winston, who had led us the whole way up Mist Mountain (the easy route) in 2006. I started descending and soon reached treeline, put on my snowshoes again and carried on. I enjoyed the sun and warmth; soon we'll be around a fire feeling the heat on our face with dogs at our feet. Cheers!
link and daisy

Lincoln and Daisy on the trail momentarily.

rupert follows

Rupert stays close for relentless fetching.


Leaving treeline and shelter from the wind.

on the ridge

Saddle preceeding the false summit, Mist Mountain in the background.

false summit

False summit; the true summit is visible on the right.

summit ahead

From the false summit, the top is a short distance away.

last bit

Very stiff snow sculpted by wind.

at the top

The top of Mount Lipsett, an outlier of Mist Mountain.

southern view

South-east view and Odlum Ridge.

northern view

Looking north-west towards Tyrwhitt (center) and Pocaterra (right of center).

horizontal snow

Heading down after a short stay at the top.

heading down

Quickly back at the road.

back on the road

Snowshoes back on for this sheltered hike in the sun.

dog attack

My hounds running to greet me.

at the shelter

A sleep over is a treat for the dogs.

chinook arch

Chinook arch the next morning.
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