Lipalian Mountain

elevation: 2,710 m. height gain: 1,000 m.
area: Lake Louise,AB map 82 N/8

Ref: Bob Spirko's Road not taken
up the ski slope

Going up the ski slope climber's left of Larch lift.
Snowshoe trip: RT 5.25; 3.0 up. The forecast was not ideal so I decided to stay close to home and chose a simple outing. Lipalian is very easy; the only hazard to consider is the avalanche prone upper slopes, climber's left of the boulder field. As it turns out, I had good weather and a very shallow, crusty snowpack which facilitated the ascent. I brought my snowshoes and put them on the ski slope for traction. After 2 hours, I reached the top of Larch ski lift. I had good visibility and planned my traverse left, in the boulders, to the scree bowl. I was able to keep my snowshoes on for the traverse, which made it much easier and safer. The very shallow snow in the bowl did not pose a problem; the crampons on the snowshoes dug into the ground. Once on the ridge, I wandered to the top. I stayed longer than expected, still warm and dry; I enjoyed the awesome cloud formations framing some of my favorite mountains. Returning was quick. I took a nice break comfortably seated at the unload station with my camera at hand; I waited for the fog to lift, it didn't! I stowed my shoes in my pack and proceeded back down to the car.

A nice view of Redoubt along the way.


Mount Temple.

false summit

Lipalian's false summit from the top of the lift.


I traversed ahead to the scree slope, below the bigger boulders.

rock garden

View from above the Rock Garden.

looking back

Looking back towards the ski lift.


Upper slope to the ridge crest.

true summit

True summit, a short distance away.


Mount Hector towers above Whitehorn.


Southern view beyond the summit cairn; Storm Mountain and Stanley Peak (left and right).


Pilot Mountain and Mount Brett in a sea of clouds.

mounts douglas and st.bride

Too bad I can't distinguish the colored scree on Purple Mound.

heading back

Heading back, Mount Richardson in the background.

from the chair

At the lift station, now engulfed in a fog layer.
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