Lioness Peak (Resolute Mountain)

elevation: 3,100 m. height gain: 100 m. (from Lion Peak)
area: David Thompson Highway,AB map 83 C/2

Ref: Drew and Mark in the Canadian Rockies scree run
Scree run off of Lion Peak.
Scramble: RT 13.5 (including Lion Peak); 1.0 up from Lion Peak. Lioness Peak looks close and easy from the top of Lion. Since we've come this far, it only makes sense we pay this peak a visit; also, Lioness Peak is an official summit! With the weather becoming increasingly windier, the clouds started to break up and lift. We quickly came down Lion's loose rubble and started contouring the base of the summit block heading towards Lioness. When we started trekking on the saddle, we encountered strong winds that chilled us to the bone. Luckily, the summit of Lioness not only offers some of the finest views, it also grants shelter along a small rockband. We took a nice break before returning to the col. Instead of descending to the col, we veered skier's left in a steep loose gully. We continued pleasant random hiking in the basin. At treeline, we relocated the faint trail and followed it back to the car as best we could! contouring along lion
Contouring along Lion Peak's summit block.
short and easy
Lioness Peak is mercifully short and easy.
quick jaunt
Quick jaunt to the top.
north-eastern view
North-eastern view towards Abraham Lake.
mount murchison
Mount Murchison (center) to the south.
cirrus mountain far away
Cirrus Mountain in the distance (center) and Whitegoat's west peak.
leaving lioness
Leaving Lioness with a great view towards Whitegoat Peaks.
Backtracking to Lion Peak with Mount Cline in the background.
thompson creek drainage
Thompson Creek drainage and the David Thompson highway below.
near the col
Almost at the col.
Shortcut down a steep loose gully skier's left.
bottom of the basin
Bottom of the basin.
enjoyable trekking
Enjoyable trekking back to treeline.
relocating the faint trail
We soon veered skier's left to relocate the faint trail.
on the faint trail
On the faint trail lower down.
burnt timber
Hiking among burnt timber and fireweed.
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