Lakit Mountain

elevation: 2,545 m. height gain: 635 m.
area: Fort Steele,BC map 82 G/12

Ref:  Cranbrook recreation trails the cabin
Welcome tourist!
Scramble: RT 3.0; 2.0 up. This is so great, yet another wonderful weekend (against all odds). The forecast for most areas was not promising; we planned a short easy scramble from a camp. With the help of Google Earth, we noticed there is a building of some sort about 200 m. past the trailhead along the road. Establishing a good camp with a shelter and a fire was key, the main reason being that Fab would take care of three springers while I tried the Lakit loop. We went from one to three dogs in less than one week! One of them is a pup, he cannot go very far and must be dried/warmed near the fire often. The drive to our planned destination was not what we expected. The reference states "rough 2WD" but a 4WD with clearance is recommended. The road is rutted in some places and it is very narrow for a while, offering no place to cross another vehicle. Past the trailhead, the road is steep and overgrown to the old cabin. Parking the truck was good, the dogs were happy to be roaming around despite the wetness. Fab and I were glad to see the cabin, even if it is without a door and windows. It was snowing fat wet flakes so we decided to set up in the cabin until we could make a fire. The punched-out floor was gross, we laid down the tarp and put the tent next to it to deny further access to the dogs; we wanted them to stay on the tarp and out of the rusty nails! Soon the snow diminished and we had a nice warm fire. We spent an OK night; all the doggies were calm and slept through. The following morning was overcast but dry. I went up the ridge to meet the trail that heads to the lookout while Fab took the doggies to the back of the bowl for their morning walk. The scramble itself starts after the lookout (which took 45 min. to reach); the connecting ridge eventually narrows offering some scrambling and easier alternatives. From the false summit, the ridge looks difficult; at some point I dropped down climber's left and traversed below steep slabs to easier terrain. Even with a bit of snow I noticed a trail circumventing most difficulties. At the summit the wind was calm and fog was slowly rolling in. After taking some pictures, I made my way down the south-east slopes towards the camp. Fab directed me in with his whistle and the wet dogs welcomed me partway. Wow, Fab had a very nice fire going; after hiking through wet alder, that was priceless!!! ascent gully
Ascent to reach the trail on the ridge, seen from the cabin.
nice trail
The trail preceeding the lookout.
lone peak in the fog
Looking down the valley with Lone Peak in the fog.
shelter below
The cabin down below.
Lakit Mountain and alternate descent.
Lakit lookout.
Connecting ridge from the lookout.
avoidable crux
Avoidable crux (down and around climber's left).
looking back from false summit
The lookout from the false summit.
Connecting ridge from false summit.
summit cairn
Summit cairn and north-east ridge.
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