Kobau, Mount

elevation: 1,873 m.
height gain: 550 m. (from halfway up the road)
area: Osoyoos,BC
map 82 E/4

Ref: ihikebc.com

starting half way up the road

Halfway up the 17-kilometer road, we started biking.
Hike: RT 3.75; 2.25 up. This weekend, Milan and I decided to migrate to Osoyoos to do a reconnaissance for Snowy Mountain's adventure. The weather forecast predicted light rain; we hoped for a few lulls here and there. Milan also planned side trips he believed the kids would enjoy, so we brought the bikes. Saturday, we casually made our way to Keremeos, stopping along the way. We located the service road we outlined for Snowy Mountain's access; it didn't look promising. We walked the initial section. Milan said it was drivable; instead of spending our afternoon driving it, he favoured committing to it when we would return for an attempt at summitting. With much of the afternoon left, we opted to climb Mount Kobau on the way to Osoyoos. From that summit, we were hoping to get a good view of Snowy's current conditions. Mount Kobau's 17-kilometer gravel road is well-used and in good shape. The hike to the summit is very short; to get a bit of exercise, we parked the truck halfway and biked to the trailhead. The grade is perfect for pleasant riding. Once at the trailhead, we left the bikes behind and continued on foot. The weather was better than expected; we enjoyed a nice summit stay without feeling pressed to return. Mount Kobau isn't a big exploit; however, it is worth a visit as it boasts a great 360˚ view of the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. For anyone looking to make this outing more challenging, bike the whole road up!

osoyoos lake

Nice view of Osoyoos Lake along the way.

easy bike ride

The bike ride up is relatively easy.

barren landscape

Barren landscape higher up.


Several stops along the way.


At the trailhead.

sshort hike to the top

Short distance to the summit.

charred dead-standing trees

Charred dead-standing trees.

last steps to the summit

Last steps before reaching the summit.

rock shelter

A rock shelter dots the top.

snowy mountain

Milan points at Snowy Mountain, our next objective.


Due south in the US is Chopaka Mountain South (left) and Hurley Peak that hides Chopaka Mountain (center).

summit marker

Summit marker.


North-western view over the vast summit plateau.

enjoying the view

We're enjoying decent weather and lovely views.

water break

Shelling out water.


Standing on remaining snow.

back at the bikes

Saddling up for the descent on the road.

fast way down

Fast way back to the truck.

well-deserved snack

Well-deserved snack!
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